Allied Torpedo Boats

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December 4, 2010
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John Lambert and Les Brown
Other Publication Information
Hardcover, 128-pages, Published September 2010
Company: Seaforth Publishing - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Crecy Publishing, Ltd. - Website: Visit Site
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A large book at 8-1/2 by 12-inches, Allied Torpedo Boats is a hardbound ShipCraft Special of 128 pages by Seaforth Publishing and Classic Warship Publishing, which has produced this work, composed of 9 sections.

  • The first section, titled "Coastal Forces Development 1915-1945” explains the development of the MTBs (motor torpedo boats) and how they came to be. The American boats’ development is easy to follow since the US Navy went with fewer types and mass production early on, whereas the English didn't seem to build any six boats the same.
  • The second section of the book is definitely for modelers and is called simply "Model Production”. It covers the many different model PTs out there from the 1/1200 scale ones to 1/24 scale RC-capable ones.
  • Section three is titled "Modelmakers Showcase" and features built-ups by many different modelers, and is a very inspiring chapter.
  • The fourth section is titled "Colour Schemes" and contains photos of full-size boats and many color art drawings, including the zebra-striped ones.
  • Section five covers the construction techniques which were used on the various boats, and this section also has many great photos.
  • The sixth section on "Armament" covers both torpedoes and guns which were used on the boats.
  • Section seven, on "Appearance", is a shorter section of the book and covers the wheelhouse, more on general arrangement, and various radars and masts.

Another short section on "Experimental Craft" covers a few of the one-offs which were never put into production, and the last section covers "Selected References”. It includes websites for more information as well as model supply businesses which sell “PT Boat stuff.”

Overall, I liked the book, as it’s full of line drawing and plans which would be enough to keep any scratch builder busy. There are also many detailed photos of complete boats and close-ups of details on them. It will help me in my personal adventure of building molds for a 1/16 scale Elco short kit which I’m working on.

Thanks to Classic Warship Publishing and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this book.


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