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Value Gear resin products are well known to most modelers for the excellent quality resin stowage and gear for models and diorama scenes. Owner Steve Munsell is a quality guy who more often than not throws in some extra pieces to most of the packages and one package can often inhabit more than a couple builds if used wisely- or you can completely deck out one model if you wish. His 1/16 product lines are growing as more companies release more 1/16 scale kits.

What’s Inside the Box

This set is the perfect complement to the Andy’s Sherman kit or to any American tank in the scale you may have. As always, the quality is amazing on this scale and there are exactly 14 pieces as the label says. In the first photo, there are five identical packs that can be strapped to a turret or placed inside a vehicle, a wrapped-up tarp with rope and strap around it, and a large piece of stowage for the deck with a number of wooden crates covered by a tarp.

The second photo shows four crates with gear piled atop them including more tarps, a helmet, two canteens, and rope. There is also a small wooden box, a wooden board, and an ammo can. Details of the wood grain and the rope and straps are sublime and should look amazing when painted up.

The follow up pics show the pieces painted in various Vallejo and AMMO by Mig colors. Washes used were made by Citadel– Seraphim Sepia for the lighter shades and for the darker washes I used Nuln Oil Shade.

My sincere thanks to Value Gear and IPMS-USA for the review samples.


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