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April 4, 2016
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This is the publication's thirty-third issue and as the subtitle says, it is “the photo journal of the Second World War”. This issue deals with five subjects in 96 pages, the paper being glossy and reproducing the images well in black & white. The only color photos are on the covers (front and back). Two of the subjects are outright allies and one German. The final two started out as allies (French) but after 1940 their tanks were used by the Germans. At the beginning of each chapter there will be a short text on the history of that subject and most of the photos will also have a brief text about that photo. The photo sizes varies, but about 65% of them cover the full page and the remainder have anywhere from two to four pictures per page.

First up is the Sexton-25 pounder-Self-propelled Gun, 17 pages with 44 pictures and two drawings that cover interior stowage. A majority of the Sexton's photos are ones used by re-enactors followed by shots of a museum Sexton. Only eight photos deal with the vehicle during WW2.

Second vehicle is the German Heavy Uniform Personnel Vehicle 108 (s.E.Pkw), 17 pages with 20 pictures, with a majority being full page and all combat photos.

Third type is the Char B1s in French and German service, 28 pages with 39 pictures. Here most of the photos are taken just before or after the French surrender in 1940 and some photos of the vehicle in German service (PzKpfw. B2). What are most helpful are eleven photos of the interior taken from the Patton museum.

Fourth up is the Coleman truck with the Quick-Way Crane, 16 pages with 23 pictures with about half of them being full page. It's an interesting subject; one I never heard about and would warrant a better history of the vehicle.

Fifth vehicle is the Somua S35 in French and German service, 17 pages with 43 pictures. After the French surrender the Germans captured large number of these tanks, which they renamed Pz.Kpfw.S35. Some were used by the Vichy French forces in North Africa. Of the photos only 7 show the vehicle during WW2 with the remaining 36 photos taken of the Somua S35 displayed at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. If you have the new Tamiya kit these photos will be helpful to you.

I think that this issue is excellent and would be helpful to any WW2 armor modeler, and I can highly recommend it. I want to thank Ampersand Group, Inc. and IPMS/USA for allowing me to make this review.


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