Albatros D.III/V Decals Part 2

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August 15, 2012
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Eduard 1/48 Albatros D.V/D.Va
Company: Lifelike Decals - Website: Visit Site
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Decal Package

One of the newest decal sheets to be produced by the Japanese company Lifelike is #48-040, covering one Albatros D.III and three Albatros D.Vs in 1/48 scale.

Four aircraft are covered in this sheet:

  1. Albatros D.Va flown by Vfw Karl Hopf, Jasta 76b.
  2. Albatros D.V flown by Lt. d.R. Josef Veltiens, Jasta 18.
  3. Albatros D.Va flown by Lt. Max Naether, commander Jasta 62.
  4. Albatros D.III flown by Lt. d.R. Werner Voss, Jasta 5.

Included is one full sheet of decals measuring 8 ¼” x 5 ¼”, an additional sheet measuring 4 ½” x 5 ½”, and a small correction sheet that replaces the two flag decals for aircraft #3. The main sheet includes the full pattern of blue checkers for the rear of aircraft #1, as well as several varieties of national insignia for the different aircraft. The second sheet covers various personal markings for each of the aircraft and includes some wood patterns for use on the propellers to represent specific lamination patterns.

These decals are extremely crisply printed, and have next to no carrier film except where absolutely necessary, such as in open spaces within some personal insignia. The decals are thin, but show high color density. These are printed by Microscale, and are up to that printer’s normal high standards of quality. I tested one of the flag decals (to be replaced by the correction sheet) and it went down perfectly over a coat of Future. I did not find the need for any setting solutions, but I will point out that Lifelike has sent a separate letter to reviewers warning that only mild solutions such as Microscale Softener should be used. They warn that anything stronger might destroy these decals. I would try these first using only water, and then use the mild solution only if necessary.

As with previous Lifelike sheets I have used and reviewed, this company has really gone all out in their research efforts. Accompanying the decals are 3 full color sheets, each measuring 11 ¾” x 8 ¼”, with printing on just one side. Page one shows the side views of each of the featured aircraft (acting as a cover sheet), as well as full top (and partial lower) views of each aircraft for camouflage and decal locations. Below these views is a comprehensive list of 13 separate references. Page two has larger side profiles of each of the aircraft, with decal location notes and several paragraphs devoted to each subject. Within each description are detailed reference notes (with sources cited), and a discussion of the logic used in determining the colors and placements of the individual markings. Of particular note is the length to which Lifelike has gone to interpret the exact layout of the Bavarian checkers used in aircraft #1. Additional blue decal is provided should you wish to alter their pattern. Finally, page three shows profiles of major propeller types used on WW1 German fighters. There are front and side views, each showing the laminate patterns used by various manufacturers. Some of these patterns are provided on the decal sheet. This is a very nice little addition to what is already a very nice sheet.

In case it wasn’t clear – I like Lifelike decals a great deal. They provide a quality product in terms of both the caliber of the decals and the degree of the research. My only complaint would be that I would like to see more releases from this manufacturer! Whole-heartedly recommend!

Thanks to Lifelike Decals for providing the sample, and to IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it.


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