Airwing All Stars Intruders Part One

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Coming home from work the other day I found on my porch a rather large box. I’m sure that my mail lady who placed it there was annoyed because she had to get out of her Jeep. The crude looking box was rather curious, it was chopped down and folded up from a larger box that sported red and blue “Revell” models logos. I reached down and lifted the box up to eye level and saw the familiar IPMS seal with Dick Montgomery’s name and return address. I then did the unthinkable, I shook the box like a kid on Christmas day. I already knew what “Ole Saint Dick” had sent but I didn’t know when. As I walked through the front door my wife greeted me with “that better be a review” as she kissed me. I know, it’s a dream that only plastic modelers have but I was wide awake and I couldn’t wait to open up the box.

I was pleased to pull out the new HobbyBoss A-6E Intruder and before I could open up the kit my wife’s cats quickly claimed the abandoned Revell box. It was here that I remembered that the Furball decals should have been included. My heart stopped for a moment as I watched the cats clawing away at the defenseless box and I thought surely Dick put the decals in the Hobbyboss kit... and he did. Thanks Dick.

After a few moments of drooling over the newest Intruder kit I picked up the large Furball zip-loc and began to examine the contents and subject matter and immediately became impressed. The zip-loc contained several color prints and even a bomb load-out chart. The decals come on two sheets; a super-sized one in color and an average-sized one in B&W. They are perfectly registered, look sharp and printed on high quality decal paper.

Here is an observation of mine I would like to share and is only my opinion. The weakest part of the HobbyBoss kit are the decals. Besides the overall poor quality and font issues they even got the name USS John F Kennedy wrong. By omitting the letters USS and J. According to rumor, there is an online photo floating around and people claim HobbyBoss used it as a reference because the folded wing obstructs the field of view of the USS and ‘J’ in the ship’s name. All you see is OHN F KENNEDY.

Luckily we who build for accuracy can depend on companies like Furball to pick up the slack and provide quality stuff. "Airwing All Stars Intruders Part One” is printed by Cartograf. This comprehensive collection covers 10 very colorful A-6A/E "CAG" Intruders from 1969-1977. This set lists a majority of west coast birds and three east coast birds. According to Furball the decals are optimized to work with the new Hobby Boss Intruder kit, although they should be adaptable for use with other kits as well. In addition, stencils are provided to make 2 complete models.

The aircraft depicted on this sheet include:

  • A-6E 158043 VA-34 USS JOHN F. KENNEDY 1976
  • A-6A 154125 VA-35 USS ENTERPRISE 1969
  • A-6A 152942 VA-65 USS INDEPENDENCE 1969
  • A-6A 154144 VA-95 USS CORAL SEA 1974
  • A-6E 159574 VA-95 USS CORAL SEA 1977
  • A-6A 156994 VA-145 USS RANGER 1970
  • A-6A 152606 VA-145 USS ENTERPRISE 1969
  • A-6A 155683 VA-145 USS RANGER 1974
  • A-6E 155660 VA-165 USS CONSTELLATION 1977
  • A-6E 158533 VA-176 USS AMERICA 1976

Bottom Line

These things are beautifully printed and flawless. I’ll be using them on the new HobbyBoss A6E Intruder in my upcoming full build review and I’ll be sure to include all observation notes. Thanks to Furball Aero-

Design and IPMS for allowing me the opportunity present this awesome product.


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