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Airline warning cones...those orange cones we see all summer long in parking lots and just about everywhere. These are also used around aircraft, and Aerobonus has created another great diorama item in both 1/48 and 1/32 scale.

There are twelve parts to each scale – six bottoms with cutouts and six cones. Strangely, two of the cones are hollow and four are solid in each set. Not a problem. There are also decals with four different variations:

  • Two white bands at the top
  • Caution running vertically on the cone
  • SFS markings for Security Forces Squadron
  • ECA markings for something I never figured out

Building is simple – cut the bases off and true the edges with a sanding stick. Cut the pylon off, sand flat, and glue it to the base. Once that was I done, I primed with Alclad gray primer, then sprayed gloss orange and let the cones dry for a couple days.

I did run into issues with the decals. They had stuck to the backing paper in both scales, leaving the printing patchy in a few places. Also, when I went to use the white wrap-around bands, I could not stop the 1/48 scale from folding over on itself. I did get the 1/32 ones to work adequately. The "Caution" marking in both scales separated into individual letters and floated free. These decals, like those on the Fuel Bowser I just reviewed, had the same issues. With time and patience, they will go on, but not all will transfer. In hindsight, I should have painted the cones white and masked and sprayed the orange for the stripes. The decals that did go on were very thin and left no silvering.

Recommended. Aerobonus keeps adding lots of great touches for aftermarket scenes, and this is just another wonderful example, even with the decal difficulty. My thanks to Aires and IPMS/USA for the chance to review these items.


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