Aircraft Pictorial - F4U-1 Corsair Volume 2

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Dana Bell
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113 photos, 20 drawings, 72 pages, A4 Format
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Aircraft Pictorial #8
Provided by: Classic Warships Publishing - Website: Visit Site

Dana Bell has proven over and over again to be one of the best authors when it comes down to aircraft details. This book is yet another testament to that.

This volume covers the “raised canopy” version of the Corsair, or the definitive WWII version of the Corsair: the -1A, -1C and -1D, plus the British and New Zealand versions as well.

The first few pages of the book have a short (too short if I might say) description of the raised canopy airframes, their main systems and differences with the birdcage and within the A/C/D versions.

It also includes a list of every serial number, changes to the airframes within each serial number ranges and manufacturers. This list could be the ultimate source of information for the modeler that wants to ensure his/her model will be an exact replica of a given tail number.

After all that written detail -which left me wishing for more- the book moves into the Pictorial phase, including both full airframe views/walk-arounds style photo, plus close up images.

Each photo has a caption, which often place the airframe both geographically and in time (year). But that is not all, the captions are long enough as to provide substantial information and explanation of what is being highlighted in the picture, being the carbon monoxide removal system of the British Corsairs, the step in the flap, or some specific marking/painting scheme.

This book is one of the nicest books I have seen on the Corsair. It is very well detailed, includes several full color period photos and extremely descriptive captions. I only wish the book were longer….but according to the Classic Warships, they are limited to the 72 page format.

Highly recommended for both modelers and aviation history aficionados. Extremely well priced too, making it be a great “bang for the buck”.

I would like to thank Classic Warship Publishing Publishing and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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