Air Wing All-Stars: Cougar Trainer CAGs

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January 10, 2015
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Company: Furball Aero-Design - Website: Visit Site
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In their first collaboration, Geoff Martin of Furball Decals and Bert Kinzey of Detail and Scale have come up with three comprehensive decal sheets for the Kittyhawk TF-9J Cougar with no less than nine subject covered in great detail and with superb markings. The set comes with six color pages on instructions which also include instructions for the stencils, paint call outs in FS numbers and complete profile shots of each plane with decal locations. There are two perfectly printed decal sheets- one full size and one quarter size which contains stencils for two aircraft plus the needed markings for all nine. There are no wing walk decals included so they need masked and painted. The declas are printed by Cartograf and look great.

Here's the list of planes represented:

  • TF-9J, 147371, VT-24, 3K/400, NAS Chase Field, 1968
  • F9F-8T, 142526, VT-24, 3K/200, NAS Chase Field, 1961
  • TF-9J, 147414, VT-25, 3J/500, NAS Chase Field, 1968
  • TF-9J, 146395, VT-25, 3L/000, NAS Chase Field, 1967
  • TF-9J, 147299, VT-26, 3L/600, NAS Chase Field, 1968
  • TF-9J, 147274, VT-26, 3L/600, NAS Chase Field, 1969
  • TF-9J, 147312, CVW-12, NJ/00, NAS Miramar, 1964
  • F9F-8T, 147372, CVG-12, NJ/00, NAS Miramar, 1960
  • TF-9J, 147339, VA-45, AD/600, NAS Cecil Field, 1967

While on the sheet5 is good, I really wanted to give these a try so I built the kit (which you can see reviewed elsewhere on the IPMS site) and chose to go with the marking for TF-9J, 147414, of VT-25 which has really neat horizontal bars in green on the tail. I spent a good deal of time masking the colors as they leading edges, wing tips and other carious colors. I used gloss paint so the decals could be added right away.

Simply put, these decals are awesome. They snuggle down very well settle right into rivets and panels lines. Microsol can be used but I tried Solvaset and it worked also. Furball/Detail and Scale also did super little things like outlining the white around the wing insignia so that you don't need to mask and you still get a perfect outline. As I said, there are two full sets and it makes you want to build two.

I will say that one thing that is not included is decals for the wing walks which is the same as the kit. These need masked and sprayed. Decals would have been a nice option for those not wanting to mask but it is a wish not a need.

So to summarize, perfect decals that apply well with nine superb schemes on this sheet alone and two complete sets- these sets are as highly recommended as they come. The sheet is superb. My thanks to Furball and Detail and Scale for coming out with these sets and I surely hope there is more in the work. Go get them now!


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