Air Modeller #31, August/September 2010

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October 24, 2010
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Issue 31
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Air Modeller’s latest issue, #31, contains some of the best looking models I’ve seen in quite some time. The cover photo alone is really impressive, a well worn and weathered F-100. Typical of the magazine, this one contains 64 pages of brilliant color photographs.

The first model highlighted is a highly detailed two color scheme F-104 built by Diego Quijano. This is actually the second part of the build, continued from the previous issue. It in no way detracts from the beautiful job. The scratch building is impressive and the weathering is outstanding. The weathering is explained thoroughly and will help any modeler improve their model.

The next model is part one of multi-part builds of 1/72nd scale Hasegawa B-26 by Andrea Vignocchi. This highly detailed model is displayed in a beautiful diorama. When you see the amount of work inside this model you will be astounded. I know I was.

A big scale Contact Resin Sopwith Camel built by Michel Roland shows that even WWI era aircraft can be built in an astounding manner. There are a lot of tips inside this article. Tips that will aide modelers that don’t build WWI aircraft.

Then came the model that I could not believe: the 1/32nd Trumpeter F-100 built by Franch Lubin as a QF-100D. The weathering on this model is so realistic you will have to see it to believe it. You are walked through the build but the painting is what makes this model and you are treated to how it is done. I would have liked more information but you understand everything that happened.

The Tamiya P-47D is built up in the next article. Nothing big here, no pun intended, but what is unique is the method for achieving the results, Rub-n-Buff. The pictures will make you look twice. This is a method I’ve played with on the Master Class Model Building Video but this is taken to a larger level. It is certainly worth investigating.

The new release reviews are next. These are not your typical over simplified overviews but quite nice with enough detail about the kits so that the modeler can make the decisions.

The final section is a 1/48th scale Mirage IIIC modeled by Albert Tureczek. This natural metal aircraft is built using foil. This shows that beautiful results for natural metal finishes can be achieved with various methods. The Mirage III is an elegant looking aircraft and Albert has done it justice.

Air Modeller is, in my opinion, one of the best modeling magazines on the market and this issue is no different. If you like to see how to improve your models and are inspired by the work of others this magazine is for you.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Air Modeller for the review copy. You can get your copy at your local hobby shop, online retailer or by getting a subscription at


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