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September 8, 2016
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Sincere appreciation to Eduard for providing IPMS USA yet another review item, and to the IPMS reviewer corps leaders for sending it to me!

This set is part of Eduard’s expanding range of aftermarket accessories to use on various aircraft. In this case, you receive four missile bodies with aft fins already cast in place, a set of forward fins (16 total), and four clear resin seeker heads. Also included is a set of resin ground-protective end caps which can be placed over the seeker heads, and a decal sheet to handle all four missiles. There is also a brass etched set of missile nozzles.

A word on the detail: FANTASTIC! These are the first AIM-9’s I’ve noted that have all three rail mounts in place between the fins; the rollerons are extremely well done, and the rest of the missile looks the part.

This set is simple to use. I used my razor saw to carefully removed the aft pour stub, leaving the missiles intact. I then drilled a hole in the nozzle end of each missile to use a wire or, in my case, a cocktail stick mounted to a dry-cleaning pant tube, to hold the missiles for painting.

Carefully remove the fore fins from their pour stub, and test-fit each mounting pin to the missile body (which has the mounting flange and holes pre-drilled), then dip the fin axle pin into a puddle of thick superglue. CAREFULLY install the fin, make sure it’s aligned with the aft fins, hold for a few seconds, then move to the next one.

In retrospect, I’d recommend you wait until the decals are applied before installing the forefins. One of the yellow “Explosive” stripes is applied behind the fore fins, and I had to cut the stripes into four bits to get them in place. Be forewarned.

Rattle-can flat white was used for primer and gloss final finish, and it was ready to detail up and install.

Next up: Decals! Included are the usual serial numbers, the explosive marking bands (Yellow), and various other markings including the proximity fuses. These worked very well, snuggling to their mounting locations. Be cautious, as these decals are uber-thin and will curl up and stick to themselves. Plenty of water is the answer; carefully pat into place, and let dry. Shoot the whole thing with a coat of clear, whatever works, and then… final stretch.

The seeker heads: paint the head mounting socket on the missile nose black (a thin coat), then carefully saw the clear heads off the pour stub. Dress and polish the cut marks with wet/dry sanding sticks, then use “Gator Grip” glue to install on the front of the missile. When dry the GG glue is clear, and holds well.

I mounted the missiles on my Italeri F-104C wingtips. The rails had sink marks which needed filling, and also really need to have the center rail routed out. I started with knives, and in retrospect did not control the Dremel tool cutoff wheel well when I tried to rout them out. Don’t do this, even on the lowest setting. Take your time and do it right.

At the end of the day, excepting my rail struggles, I had excellent, highly detailed AIM-9B missiles on my Starfighter. I most highly recommend these items; I bought a set for my next Vietnam-era project, which is classified.

Thanks again to Eduard for sharing their craft skills with the rest of us and providing these items to IPMS USA. They have, in my opinion, become the “Koenig” standard for resin simulated weapons, and I continue to purchase their items because I support what they do! And yes, $14.95 is a bargain for what you get…

And thanks Dave and Dick for doing the hard work of getting these to me!


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