Adler Gegen England – Luftwaffe Air Campaign against British Isles 1941-1945

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December 22, 2013
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Neil Robinson, Illustrator by Peter Scott
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150 color profiles, 20 B&W pictures, 76 pages, softbound.
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The Battle of Britain has been documented many times over. However there are not as many references related to the Luftwaffe air campaign after the peak of September 1940 battles. This book is devoted to fill that gap.

The book is logically split in the following chapters

  • The First Blitz (September 1940 to December 1941)
  • The Baedeker Blitz (April-June 1942)
  • High and Low Raiders 1942/1943
  • Intruders and Night Fighters (1941/1944)
  • Total War – Unternehmen Steinbock (1943/1944)
  • Anti-Shipping and Maritime Operations (1941-1944)
  • Missiles and Jets (1944/45)

All the chapters are profusely illustrated with color profiles (and 4-view drawings in some cases) of the different German airframes involved in the different aspects of the air campaign. An interesting point is that most (if not all) color drawings include a reference source, which is excellent for those interested in history, besides modelling.

Another point to note is that the written content has a relatively small print. I’m perfectly fine with that, but most modelers are reaching an age where such a small print might present a minor issue.

Also of note is the significant redundancy between the profile captions and the written content, making this book a good reference for the modeler that is interested in the profiles and a quick overview of the airplane in question. However, if you are a historian, you might feel a bit frustrated by reading “twice” the information both in the written content and profile captions.

This book highlight is indeed, the color profiles. Over 150 of them, covering He-111, Ju-88, Fw-190, Me-109, Me-410, Do-17, Ar-234 among others.

Highly recommended.

I would like to thank Airfile Publishing and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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