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Company: Green Stuff World - Website: Visit Site
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Green Stuff World (GSW) is a company based out of Spain. It is specialized in the design and production of tools, paints, and other types of resources for modeling, crafts, and wargames. GSW has provided IPMS-USA two (2) bottles of textured acrylic paint for review.

In the Bottle

The paint is packaged in a 30 ml bottle and comes in Fluorescent Red and Fluorescent Blue. Inside the paint has a consistency of thick paste with granules mixed in to give it texture. It is water based and can be thinned if needed.

Review Process

For testing, I applied this to a cardboard strip using a cheap brush from a school watercolor set that had plastic bristles. The paste was then pick up out of bottle using the brush and stippled on the cardboard. This result was as advertised on the website. It applies very easily, and the texture can be as thin or heavy based on the need for your diorama ground cover. The texture is easy to manipulate on the surface when wet. Once dry, the finish is dead flat and very durable.

For the “Martian” descriptor in the title, these colors are to represent a Martian planet surface diorama and the colors are fluorescent. I had a blue light illuminate the sample areas and the colors are bright.


This is a great acrylic paste for the hobby. It applies easily and dries solid with a flat finish. If you need to have a thicker elevation, the website recommends adding it in layers and allowing it to dry between applications. Once dry, it can be painted to give it depth or transition shading. I do recommend using an older brush when applying this product. Also, being water soluble the cleanup is very easy.

I want to thank Green Stuff World for providing this paint set and IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to review.

Highly Recommend to EVERYONE!


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