Acrylic Paint Set for Firefighters

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I will be honest…I do not have any firefighter figures that needed painting. That being said, these paints were PERFECT for what I used them for. I have a military motorcycle kit that I was working on. These paints were perfect for base paint on the project and especially for dry-brush weathering. On the figures the German Grey was the perfect shade as a base for the uniforms. After painting that, I used the Russian Green Primer. I dry brushed this lightly over the grey on the uniform jackets to give it the slightly “dusty green” that was pictured on the motorcycle kit box and it was a fantastic look. For the motorcycle itself I used the Chocolate, Black and Green Ochre to simulate dust, dirt, and scratches. I used a little bit of the Clear Red mixed with the Chocolate and Green Ochre. It made a very nice light rust color to simulate some very miniscule rusting on the motorcycle. Became a very nice touch.

I especially like the coverage of these paints. They thinned very well with Windex to give it a smooth finish. These are probably the best paints I have used for the purposes of dry brushing.

I took the motorcycle to a model show and walked out with a 2nd place. I attribute a lot of that to these paints.

Many thanks to ICM for providing this paint set for IPMS/USA to review.


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