A5M2 Claude interior S.A. Photoetch Set

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July 29, 2011
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Special Hobby A5M2b
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Eduard offers two photo-etch detail sets for the Special Hobby 1/32 A5M2b kit. Zoom set #33 070 is the one to get if you just want to focus on enhancing the detail in the cockpit. The set includes a total of 42 pre-painted parts that replace some kit parts and/or add detail to ones that will be used. The kit’s plastic instrument panel is replaced with five very impressively detailed components that are sandwiched together to simulate the panel’s relief and then enhanced with brackets, machine gun supports and gun charging handles. Photo-etched rudder pedals are provided to replace the less-detailed ones in the kit and to detail the kit’s rudimentary rudder bar, pre-painted seat belts replace the un-painted ones in the kit, multi-part throttle quadrant and prop pitch levers replace kit parts and a radio panel face, control box fascias, levers, knobs and numerous small bits are included to perk up the sidewalls. Everything is there to make the front office busy enough for most tastes.

Modelers accustomed to working with photo-etch detail parts are generally familiar with the way to handle the small and sometimes fiddly bits. However, one thing that may challenge those who have not experienced the ‘convenience’ of using Eduard’s self adhesive photo-etch sets is the tendency for the adhesive backed parts to anchor themselves in less than desired positions if care is not exercised when handling them. The instructions caution that you leave the entire photo-etch fret on the backing paper as you separate each of the parts from the fret (use a sharp #11 blade for that) and then handle each part you remove by its edges. Be careful you don’t inadvertently lay the part on an unwanted surface. It will stay there! Be sure to lightly place the part in the desired location (I recommend first placing one edge of the part along the edge of where it is to be located) and adjust its position carefully, without pressing down on it. Then, once it’s in the proper location, just press it onto its new ‘permanent’ home. But, for Heaven’s sake…Don’t believe the misprint in step 5 that says, after you have firmly pressed the part in place, ”it’s location can be adjusted”…Eduard meant to say: ”it’s location cannot be adjusted”.

If you are not comfortable working with the self-adhesive parts, you can always place the entire fret face down on a flat surface and carefully remove the adhesive with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol. After that, the photo etch parts can be placed and attached as usual, with superglue or contact cement. Regardless of whether you decide to go the self-adhesive route or the do-it-yourself adhesive route, care is the watchword. Just go slowly and make sure each part is in its proper location before the adhesive decides to bond it there.

I highly recommend this self adhesive Zoom set to anyone who wants to enhance their Special Hobby A5M-2b kit.

My thanks to Eduard Model Products and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this photo-etch set.


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