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February 10, 2020
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Ford’s F-Series trucks are the most popular pickups in the world. This rugged yet stylish ’91 F-350 was a great choice for Revell to produce. It has been a popular release as well and part of that is due to its adaptability for other mash-up and scratch built configurations.

Construction and Detailing

This review covers the skill level 5 (ages 14 years and older) 1991 Ford F-350 Duallie Pickup 1:24 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-4376. The reason this is a skill level 5 kit is because of the sheer amount of parts and large decals. It is just a great fitting kit with loads of detailing potential. I would say that an intermediate builder could easily assemble this into a nice display with some patience. The kit has 136 pieces and is nicely molded in white, and chrome plated parts with clear windows, soft vinyl tires and transparent red taillights. There’s minimal flash on the pieces as it has been well maintained and it assembles easily following the excellent book style instructions. The finished dimensions are: Length: 9¾", Width: 4¼", Height: 2-15/16".

Construction begins with the motor on this kit and at a respectable 19 pieces – it provides a nicely detailed fuel injected V-8 engine. Additional decals make the engine bay a real standout. Nearly all the accessory pieces are separate add-ons which helps detailing. The transmission is molded onto the block but detailing is not a problem since it is well defined.

The chassis and floor pan are one piece but the exhaust system is separate and easy to detail. You may also want to remove the molded–in copyright script at the rear of the floor pan. The front suspension parts are simple but the drag links are separate as well as the spring/shock combination so there’s still adequate detail to highlight. The rear suspension looks great with separate leaf springs, shocks and a spare tire bracket. Giving those parts shading variations helps it look authentic. There are no surprises in the construction, as these parts all fit well and have positive gluing points. The spare tire is also soft vinyl and mounted at the rear of the frame. Adding the engine to the mounts along with the driveshaft finishes up the frame.

The tires are nice and appropriate for the truck. The rear rims are a little larger than the front and a spacer is used between the rears to get the dual wheels in the correct position. Adding the tire backing plates goes well and they fit snugly onto the axle stubs.

I was surprised that the interior door panels were separate on a kit this old. Even though the interior is sparse compared to today’s trucks it made detailing the door trim strips and handles easy to do. The dash looks good with blacked-out bezels and the kit supplied decals. You can add carpet flocking and floor mats to make this a deluxe trim package and print out some miniaturized items for realism.

The cab and bed pieces fit together really well and there was only minimal parting line flash. After prepping, priming and painting them in your choice of color it’s time to place the decals. This was a pleasant surprise too. The decals were thin but they but stay together and slide on easily with a little water. Still it’s best to use some setting solution to make sure they nestle into panel lines. The registry is good and they look great against a complimentary base color.

The front and rear windows are assembled from the outside and have shaded areas for the black surround detailing. There’s a great looking eagle/flag decal for the rear window as well. A separate rear view mirror and sun visor add to the cabs looks. It has positive gluing slots and fits well. The bed slides onto the frame and snaps in to place with a locking tab.

The grill and bumpers are nicely chromed and the safety stripe decal for the bumpers makes this truck a ‘commercial’ success! Adding the chrome roll bar, KC lights, and over-cab roof lights adds a classy finish to this heavy hauler.


This kit is well designed and shows only minimal die wear. The fit is really good and the instructions are very easy to follow. The additional detail provided from separate parts like interior panels and engine bay sections really make this kit a joy to put together. The crisp new decal sheet for this version really looks sharp for an OOB kit that you’ll be proud to put on your shelf. The best part about the kit might be what it can be made into. A car hauler, wrecker, or flat bed would be just a few of the possibilities! I have to thank Revell for marketing these great early subject car kits and to IPMS for letting me review it to share with you.


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