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November 1, 2011
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Chevy’s classic Corvette was first offered in a hard-top version in 1963, and that model-year’s radical shift in design style can still be seen in the generations of ‘Vettes which have since followed. The ’63 Sting Ray Coupe is Revell’s latest addition to its Snap-Tite Corvette collection, and this one surely does not disappoint young modeling hands. Camden (age 6) built this review sample in less than an hour during a visit to a local pediatric urgent care facility the night the kit arrived, and we can definitely say this was one of the best-behaved snap kits we’ve seen in a while.

The kit consists of 5 sprues of parts, the candy apple red body, the clear window insert, 4 vinyl tires, steel axles, a couple of self-tapping screws, and a sheet of peel-and-stick decals. Surface detail is both raised and recessed, as appropriate, and appears to lend itself well to those who actually wish to paint the finished product.

Assembly was an absolute joy, with only 1 piece (the steering wheel) requiring a dab of glue. For good measure, we did also cement the front turn signals, as they seemed prone to dislodgement. In less than an hour, Camden had built his car and all but forgotten he was at the doctor’s office on a Saturday night!

Having built a number of snap kits lately, Camden was thrilled that he didn’t need much of dad’s help to make the parts “snap,” as the fit is very kid-friendly. Equally satisfying to the youngster was that the car rolls well with the steel axles and vinyl tires. Finally, pegging his delight-meter, was the inclusion of “flame” decals!

Along with Camden’s strong endorsement, this modeler and dad also highly recommends this kit to any parent or other adult wanting to get a sharp-looking, easy-to-build kit into a youngster’s hands, and would even recommend to the more-experienced modeler looking for an easy curbside build with near-instant gratification.

Many thanks to the good folks at Revell for the sample and for another great kit to help share the hobby with younger generations!


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