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I have to start out with saying that this is a beautiful kit to work with. There was very little if any flash on the parts.


The Cadillac engine from previous releases of Revell’s ’49 Merc kits is here again. It lends itself to easy detailing.


The chassis features nice detail and crisp engraving. The exhaust pipe, front & rear differentials, and springs are separate assemblies, as well as the frame rails, leading to some extra paint detailing.


The interior features a floor, and separate side panels that are fairly well engraved. I decided that all the glass shows the interior pretty well so I went ahead and installed bucket seats front and back with a console between the front seats. I also added a chrome strip along the door panels to break up the monotony. I added flocking to my build.


The kit features a beautifully engraved body with no flash. I decided on a custom version so I rolled the front & rear pans, frenched taillights in the rear pan, and added quad headlight to the front. After priming the body with Duplicolor white sandable primer, I shot a few coats of HOK nova orange and then started the 4 step process of painting the “wood”. A coat of Nason 2 part urethane clear went over everything. Only a little bit of wet sanding and polishing with Meguirs Scratch X was necessary before applying a coat of The Treatment Model Car Wax.

Assembly of the components was very easy because everything fit the way it’s supposed to fit. There was very little flash.

Revell needs to be thanked for producing a super kit and thank you to IPMS for the opportunity to build and review a marvelous kit.


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