'40 Ford Standard Coupe

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February 3, 2020
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The kit I assembled here is the 1/25th scale version of the 1940 Ford Standard Coupe. This car in real life was available in two designs ,the standard ( built here) and the Deluxe. This version was the least expensive but more popular in it's day. Building this kit was a unique experience for me . I had a lot of fun building it .The vintage engine among other things was a great chance for me to work with parts that I'd never built with before. As far as the engine goes it is a Ford Flathead V8 with 60 Horsepower. It's a very nicely detailed vintage engine. I seen that these engine had blocks painted different colors. I chose to go with Ford Engine Blue.

As far as my paint scheme I decided to go with anything in the spectrum of blacks (from flat to matte to gloss) , grays , white and chrome. I had never done this before but my inspiration was that of the black and white movies of that era. I divided the body to paint by the natural body lines that ran down the sides and tops of the doors as well as the front and rear fenders.Both paints contain metallic in them . The lower portion of the car is painted in Testors Blazing Black Lacquer and the upper portion of the body consisting of the roof , hood and trunk lid are garnered in Testors Graphite Dust Grey . I wanted it to be subtle rather than a wide contrast and it came out exactly as I'd hoped it would. The perfectly plated chrome for the hood and the grille was the perfect complement ! I also painted under the hood and the engine compartment in Matte Black and the firewall in Gloss Black.

The tires come with the whitewall insert that clips right in with no fuss. Both wheels then have the brake drums adjoin them in the back side of the tire. Fitting throughout this model was exceptional .There aren't any custom pieces included for this model that consists of 143 pieces. If you only build what comes with it in the box it builds just one way . And that's what I chose to replicate.

The interior which consists of a bench front sea and nicely detailed door panels I painted Matte Grey. The dash comes with a decal for the gauges also has a piece of clear plastic to fit over that which has a good finishing look even though it's hard to see when it is finished.

The decals where sharp and crisp. It has a choice of license plates and some body stripes in white with black outline which I decided to employ and they looked great as you can see. This was a fun vehicle to build and it went together perfect throughout the process. You don't always have that luxury with all models . I was thrilled to add this kit to my collection of builds. I want to thank the people at Revell / Monogram for giving me an opportunity to build this wonderfully detailed and exquisitely manufactured kit. And as well to the numerous IPMS people that make this joint collaboration possible. Thank You so very much Revell /Monogram , Inc. and IPMS !!!


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