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MN 010
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Once, I heard that a “modeler can only be as good as his tools”. While I think some modelers can be better than their tools, I know that in my case my tools are the best I can get, which is why I try to get the best tools I can.

This arrow-head shaped tool is extremely handy to create “hand grabs” (for an armor vehicle, an aircraft canopy, or maybe a ship ladder) which will all have the same size and dimension. This tool might find uses in trains and maybe for hydraulic lines in an aircraft, or for internal wiring inside an AFV or a car.

The tool has 28 pre-set lengths, or notches, so you only need to choose which one to use and then simply bend the piece of wire or photo etch to the length you need.

Simply brilliant design. Every single handle will have the same size.

I would recommend this tool for modelers who work with photo etch or scratchbuild parts.

I want to thank UMM-USA and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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