A-26 Invading Esquire Girls Part II

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Keep them coming, Bombshell Decals! The decals Bombshell produces is what the current industry needs, nose art of pinup girls and nicely done! They inspired our service men under wartime conditions and appear to carry on some sort of inspiration for modelers to recreate these aircraft in miniature. There is absolute minimum flash in these decals. No trimming is necessary but a reminder that they should be placed on a smooth finish, preferably glossy. All the numbers and letter designations big and small do not have flash background extended around the complete decal. The flash is a center band enough to maintain character spacing and alignment distance. There are no signs of color overlap, which makes the decals crisp and clear. This is very obvious just looking at the nose art ladies. You can actually see blended skin tones and hair highlights.

This package offers two aircraft markings, both on black overall finish aircraft in the Korean War. The first choice of markings is the A-26C-35-DT ‘Dream Girl,” 34th Bomb Squadron, 17th Bomb Wing. Second is the A-26B-55-DL “Toni C II,” also of the 34th Bomb Squadron, 17th Bomb Wing. If you like both and can’t make a nose art decision, flip a coin. I won’t need to as I’m partial to a girl with a book....

The instructions open up to a letter size sheet showing color profiles of the two aircraft for decal locations. The back page contains a small aircraft top view and placement of the propeller markings. Kit recommendations for these decals are not mentioned but I’m sure the Revell/Monogram 1/48 scale B-26C kit is the intended target model.

Thanks to Bombshell Decals for the review sample and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.

Review decal sheet courtesy of Mike Kloppenburg, Bombshell Decals.


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