A-26 Invaders- Invading Esquire Girls - Part 1

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May 26, 2012
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Provided by: Bombshell Decals
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Bombshell Decals came on the decal scene with …well, a bang. Their latest release is based on the Monogram A-26B Invader. The glass nose version was used in Korea and was quite colorful with its overall gloss black paint scheme. The subjects of this sheet are two aircraft which sported Esquire girl nose art.

The decals are printed by Cartograf, so you know they are in perfect register and will respond well with setting solutions. In my opinion, Cartograf decals are the best in the world. The decals are on a single sheet of 5.5” x 8”. You can see the quality in the decals by looking over the Esquire girls. They are perfectly rendered and are some of the best looking pin-ups available in decal form. They have perfect shading and blending to make them exactly like the real thing. Beautiful work by Bombshell and Cartograf. This is the new standard for nose art.

Included are stencils for one aircraft. Printed in yellow and red, the stencils are legible and perfectly clear. Prop blades and cut lines for the canopy round out the stencils. To show the level of detail and research, you are even treated to P&W logos for the engine crankcases.

The instructions are printed in full color and show the relevant decal placement. The first aircraft is an A-26B-61-DL named ‘Monie’ from the 37th BS, 17th BW. The level of research is shown in detail notes which indicate what equipment was installed or not installed. The aircraft sports nose art on both sides of the nose with the Esquire girl on the left side.

The second aircraft is an A-26B-55-DL named ‘Sweet Miss Lillian’ of the 452nd BW and the 17th BW. This aircraft is interesting in that the upper turret has been removed and a bulging fuel tank takes its place. This airplane looks very much like the first with the Esquire nose art on the left side.

The thing about these decals is that all the subjects are colorful and sexy with their nose art. How do you choose? Designed and researched by Bombshell and printed by Cartograf. How do you improve on these sheets? I don’t think you can. Since they came on the scene, Bombshell has continued to move from strength to strength. This is a colorful sheet that will provide you with great looking Invaders. Great job, Bombshell. What is next? How do you top these beauties?

Highly recommended

Thanks to Bombshell and IPMS/USA for the review copy. Let them know you heard about it here at IPMS/USA.


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