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October 8, 2015
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It has been some 35 years since this version on the Ford Model “T” Delivery Wagon has been issued from AMT. Surprisingly the molds have held up fairly well with little flash or exaggerated seams. Do to the engineering of the kit however, there is a great deal of punch holes to be dealt with. See photo reference #2.

The AMT plastic is typical to their current releases, not too soft, not too hard, just right for trimming, sanding and gluing. All the clear parts were crystal clear with little flash. I used Tamiya primer, paints and glue for the assembly of this kit and Bondo 907 as filler. All products reacted well to the AMT plastic.

Instructions follow a typical layout, engine, tires, chassis, rear suspension, front suspension. One issue with the suspension is the chassis uses metal axles in both the front and rear which can be clearly seen once the Model T is complete. This is not very realistic and again another engineering issue with the kit.

On step #6 the sub assembly front cowl from step #5 has an issue where the lower portion impacts adversely with the running boards parts 22 and 23. I found in necessary to trim these parts approximately 1/8” shorter from the bottom to get a more accurate fit at this location. Double check your fit of the cowl from the top of the “C” cab to the floor board.

As you approach the final assembly sequence you will notice a few extra parts (10) in the box. These include options for additional seating, shelving and steps. I did choose to use one of the steps at the rear of the vehicle. I thought this added a little more realism for a true delivery van.

AMT has issued this kit with a special decal sheet which gives you some extra markings for a Nestle Candy delivery van. There are markings for Nestle Candy Bar, Nestle Crunch, Oh Henry, and Babe Ruth. Additional markings are included for the Antique Freak and Village Tinsmith. There are also stained glass style decals for the opera windows which need to be placed on the inside of the clear pieces in the reverse order, printed side out.

I spent just about 15 hours on this kit, typical for this parts count. About half was construction and cleanup, and the balance paint, decals, and final assembly. With a little extra effort this kits critical issues could be easily overcome and a true diorama piece bloom. It would be fun to cut open the rear doors and fill the van with cases of candy bars.

Thanks to Round 2 AMT, Dick Montgomery, Dave Morrissette, the rest of the IPMS Reviewer Corp assistants, and IPMS/USA for the chance to build and review this subject.


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