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February 10, 2020
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The Revell website sums up this vehicle nicely, “The 2013 Camaro ZL1 is the most technologically advanced Camaro ever made. In 1969, the original ZL1 was a custom-built COPO ordered car with an all-aluminum 427 c.i.d. engine. It was a bold move for its time. Stepping ahead more than 40 years, the 2013 ZL1 is even more robust, with a 6.2 liter supercharged V-8 pumping out 580 horsepower.”

Construction and Detailing

This review covers the skill level 4 (12 years and older) 2013 Camaro ZL1 1:25 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-4307. The reason this is a skill level 4 kit (using the new skill level rating system 1-5) is because it requires glue and decals for assembly and needs to be painted. Even though glue is required the positive placement points with posts and receivers make assembly easy. Additionally, some paint is recommended for the small parts like engine, exhaust parts, etc. If you spend some extra effort – you can really make this kit look great! The kit has 60 pieces and is nicely molded in, white, and chrome plated parts with clear windows (with pre-painted surrounds), vinyl tires and transparent red taillights. There’s virtually no flash as it is a newer mold and it assembles easily following the instructions. This kit features choice of stock or custom hoods, detailed engine, stock or custom wheels, and soft black tires and a fully detailed 6.2 liter engine. The finished dimensions are: Length: 7½", Width: 3¼", Height: 2⅛".

I consider this an intermediate transition kit that will give a novice builder a little more of a challenge toward the full glue kits. With a low piece count of 60 it’s still an easy builder but this transition kit goes a bit farther, in that it needs to be painted. It uses metal axles for the wheels that can still be seen and much of the great detail features are molded in. Because of that I can’t recommend it as the best kit for a contest model (outside of box stock categories) but with just a bit of detailing it makes a great looking display model. As such, it will teach someone the concept of following directions and allows for painting and detailing to be added as well.

Although the motor is only nine pieces it has precise molded-in detailing. When those details are picked out and painted separately the engine looks great. There is a copyright script on the chassis that should be removed and the one-piece front suspension unit and separate exhaust can be detailed for a nice effect. After you drop in the radiator and add the motor to the frame it looks very respectable. The interior is nice looking and adding some touches like flocking and floor mats makes it look more authentic. The kit comes with gauge decals and with some variation in shading it comes out very realistic looking too.

You get a choice between custom and stock wheels but note that there are front and rear tires/wheels/brakes so make sure the larger ones go on the back of the car. Painting the calipers red or black adds to the appearance because they can be seen after assembly. The axles are metal rods that install normally through holes in the frame.

The body is nicely proportioned and you get a choice between stock and custom hoods. There are only a few minor parting lines to sand off then you can prime and paint the body parts in your choice of colors. I used a bright gold to contrast the black stripes for a modified “bumblebee” mystic. The rockers and front end are satin black also. I added some black tint to the rear windows to enhance the effect even more. When she’s dry turn the body upside-down and you can slide the chassis into the body by starting it at the backend. Separate the sides a little and the chassis will drop right in. Adding the body decals from a selection of stripes and emblems will set the model off right, and that’s all for construction.


This kit is perfect for graduating the novice to the next step in model building involving paint and without making the construction too complicated and therefore - distracting. All the parts fit together perfectly and have positive contact points for hidden gluing. With the choice of hoods, wheels and decals this kit is perfect for any paint theme you’ll want to use. It lends itself to further detailing, as I’ve mentioned, but by itself - it’s still a great looking model to display. I have to thank Revell for developing a range of graduated kits designed to help novice builders progress through modeling skill sets with kits like this one and to IPMS/USA for letting me review it to share with you.


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