1972 Sport Custom Pickup Truck

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June 8, 2016
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The Kit

This review covers the 1972 Sport Custom Pickup Truck 1:25 Scale Moebius Model Kit #1220. This is a newly released kit (using common parts from its’69-’71 counterparts) with great detailing and it is one that can be taken forward with some added work. This kit has ~130 parts molded in White, Clear and Chrome with Vinyl tires and easy to read instructions. It has a nicely detailed engine and interior. Moebius calls it a skill level 3, meant for modelers 15 years and older. Finished dimensions are: Length 8”, Width: 3½”, Height: 2¼”

Construction and Detailing

Assembly starts with the very well appointed chassis on this model. Most of the parts are separate allowing for extra finishing detail. The frame was straight and part placement was well marked with receivers. The frame, sway bar, I-beams, etc., that go into the front suspension can be painted various metallic tones for a real standout look and the tie rods are aluminum for accent there. The separate steel exhaust and aluminum mufflers, along with the yellow shocks, really make for an impressive undercarriage.

You get a choice for wheels and tires with this kit. Stock steel wheels and covers or chrome Cragar-like mags are available. You also get to place some whitewall decals on the tires if you like those. They snap onto the wheel spindles securely.

At 25 pieces the motor is an exceptionally well detailed V-8 that would look even better with some wiring. You can assemble most of it prior to paint for a nice look. The valve covers are chrome so I used those to match the custom wheels. For a more stock look you could strip the chrome in a bleach bath. With the orange oil filter the motor has plenty of detail to stand out. With the radiator in place, slip the motor onto the mounts along with the separate driveshaft and the chassis is finished.

The bed is comprised of eight parts including a separate tailgate for easier detailing. It assembles easily.

On y kit, the body is nicely molded with one exception. My sample had a severely warped hood. Despite the hot water soak I could not get all the warpage out. Watch for this if you get one of these kits and be ready to take some extra time to try and remove the twist. At this point, I should have gotten in touch with Moebius who would have replaced the part with no problem but elected to soldier on making my life different. The firewall is separate for easy access prior to installation permitting detailing ease. A quick sanding is all that’s needed prior to priming.

The body’s panel lines lend themselves to nicely to making this a tutone display. Some careful masking is all that’s needed for color coats. Following that, placement of the two “Sport Custom” decals and the hood and tailgate decals completes that task. The engine bay gets separate components like the brake booster, battery, and washer bottle so they appear nice and clean. I added the foil trim and installed the windows at this point with no issues. The trim features have crisp lines to aid in highlighting them with the foil.

The front end parts, wipers and mirrors can go on now. The interior is nicely appointed for a pickup of this era. The floorboards, side panels and seats are all separate, making detailing those very easy. The dashboard and column are nicely molded and the details are easy to pick out. There’s even an emergency brake pedal under the dash. Slip the tub into the cab to button up the interior. Place the cab onto the chassis against a pair of tabs for location there. It all fits together nicely with clear gluing locations.

At the back end of the bed you can chose a chrome or stock bumper and install the separate name plate, bezels, and taillights. Add the bed to the frame up to the tabs. Detail the turn signals with clear TS paint up front and add the bumper. There are no issues with any of the outside attachments either.


Like most builders I applaud Moebius for issuing interesting subject matter kits like this Ford Pickup series. I also like the attention they’ve paid to designing the kits in such a way that makes detailing easier. And once again, the instructions were top notch. The one issue I noted was the warped hood and with thousands of kits being produced, this can happen to any molder. (Ed. Note- After speaking with Frank Winspur of Moebius, they would have gladly replaced this part and have not had any issues so this appears to be an isolated incident. Frank recommends to definitely contact them if you have an issue on any Moebius kit!). The kit is great and has the potential for contest quality.

I have to thank Moebius for getting this kit out there and IPMS for letting me review it.


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