1967 Shelby GT-350 Mustang

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September 30, 2013
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The 1967 Shelby GT-350 Mustang was not your average Mustang. It was powered by the Ford High Performance 289 engine and many special improvements. However, since this version was intended to be a production car and to be purchased by the general public, it included the Deluxe Mustang Interior, power brakes, power steering, optional air-conditioning, and optional automatic transmission.

Even so, its performance was superior for its time:

  • 0 to 60 in 7.1 seconds
  • Ran the ¼-mile at 91 mph in 15.3 seconds
  • Top Speed of 129 mph

The kit comes with a basic engine that has optional valve covers and can be dressed up to the builder’s desires. The interior is rather Spartan, and I guess that, for the time frame, even a Deluxe Mustang Interior would not be all that elaborate. The painting instructions for the interior are skimpy, at best. The online references and photos of existing examples mostly show an all-black interior with very little extras.

The fit of the parts was acceptable. The plated parts depicting chrome have their attachment points in areas that are visible after the model is assembled. I tried to remove the plating and paint them with Alclad chrome paint. This will provide very convincing chrome if the part is extremely smooth. That was not always done, and some parts are just silver instead of chrome. The biggest problem I ran into was the decals. The decals that make up the two large stripes down the hood, up over the roof, and completed on the trunk were too short, especially the hood decals. I would suggest that you paint these stripes instead of using the decals. The two side decals present the similar problem of being too short. However, in this case, painting might be more difficult as the number 350 is embedded in the decal with stripes on both the top and bottom. The stripes also wrap around into the wheel wells and into the door slots. I used the decals and just let them be too short.


This kit can be made into a fine model with the proper amount of care and patience.

Thanks to Round 2 Models for the review sample and IPMS/USA for the review space.


Submitted by pete banchoff (not verified) on Sat, 2019-03-16 08:22


Hi Tom, I'm just getting ready to do this model and wondered what paint or painting process you used on the seats.  They look realistic from the photos.  Thanks, Pete Banchoff.

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