1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe

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I was excited for the opportunity to build a truly wonderful American classic. In 1963 the Corvette had a base price of just under $4400. dollars and came in right under $5,000. for the fully loaded sport coupe . This model is one of the best offerings that will be coming out this year in my humble opinion . The car comes with all the accessories to build three different 327 c.i. power plants ! It comes with two engine blocks and parts to assemble three different versions of the famed motor. One , of course is the factory stock version , one is the custom one with a blower assembly and the other option is a fuel injected motor. The kit also gives you three hoods complete with the cutouts already completed on two of them . So trying to cut one out on my own is eliminated. That is very good news for some of us , namely me . And the third hood is for the factory edition . I chose to build the stock version of the car . I also built the other 327 as well with the beautiful supercharger that came in chrome to use in another kit at some later date.

As for the Corvette , I painted it Mythical Maroon Metallic by Testors with a silver undercoat used as a base. I thought it'd be the perfect combination to go along with the classic black leather interior. The interior and the body and the like goes together seamlessly . I also put the custom wheels as you can see on the car . But it comes with stock wheels complete with the custom knockoffs The car is so well molded by the folks at Round 2 with hardly any flash to deal with whatsoever. But the surprises inside the box didn't stop there. They also provided two complete sets of tires and a set of wonderfully designed wide treaded tires. I used the wide slicks they provided to give the car just more of a meaner stance .

Everything including all the lights , windows and bumpers went together perfectly. I just loved this kit and can't wait until it hits the store shelves so I can buy another one . The way this model went together and the plethora of added extra parts was such a wonderful surprise ! I truly want to give thanks all the people responsible for making this model over at Round 2 and for the folks at IPMS/USA for allowing me to build and give you a review for this wonderful rendering of a true sports car classic . I truly had a blast building this model and it's execution in replicating this car was flawless. It'll go down as one of my all time favorites immediately . So , again thanks. Note to all manufacturers of model cars ... GET A LOOK AT THIS KIT !!!


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