1961 Pontiac Ventura

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Moebius hits another grand slam with their 1961 Pontiac Ventura kit. Little to no flash, excellent fit, and terrific engraving make this a kit worth building. If there’s a downside to the kit, it’s the poor instruction sheet. While printed on glossy paper, I found the instructions incomplete, incorrect, and lacking in detail. More later.


The engine comes with only a tri-power setup. This is an option for air filter(s) although not covered in the instructions. There’s the large air filter (#79 & 80) or the individual air filters (#93) that are not mentioned in the instructions. I chose to use the #93s. There are 2 heater hoses shown but placement on the engine is not clear at all.


Moebius did an interior platform with separate side panels and seats that feature wonderful engraving. Detailed painting instructions make for correct color interior.


The body is molded with scripts molded in. You also get decals for the scripts. Taillights In step #5 on the instruction sheet, your shown to glue the transparent red taillight #138, to the tail light housing #104 and attach to the outside of the body. Wrong! You need to insert the housing from the inside of the body. Door handles, antenna, mirror, rear panel, and windshield wipers are all separate pieces. I used Duplicolor Bahama blue paint to finish the kit. It comes very close to the factory color.


Frame rails are separate from the chassis and makes for easily painting the rails a different color/shade from the chassis. Step #5 in the instructions contains another error. If you mount the wheel rims #83 through the front of the tire as shown, you’ll mare the whitewall. Step #3 shows how to put the chassis together with #48 spindles. The sprue also has #49 spindles. What are they for? They’re not identified on the instructions. Dual exhaust as well as the front & rear suspension are separate pieces. All the pieces were excellently engraved and there was little to no flash.

Despite the instruction sheet, Moebius should be commended for producing another fine model kit. Thank you to IPMS for allowing me to review this kit.


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