1927 Ford "Black Widow" Hot Rod

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Company: Monogram - Website: Visit Site
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The Revell/Monogram 1/24 scale ’27 Ford Black Widow Hot Rod is a great kit with not a whole lot of flash to deal with. Everything fits together very cleanly. With only 55 parts in the entire kit and only one way to build it, there are no spare parts left over. The engine comes with a triple-carb setup and shows plenty of chrome on top. The interior is a bench seat with an elongated shifter handle.

As far as the body goes, it is a two-piece setup with the cab and the bed. There is a nice cover for the bed as well. I love the grille work, as well, with its chrome parts well represented. I proceeded to paint the roadster in Purple-Licious Metallic Lacquer by Testors. It came out extremely shiny and colorful. I painted the afore mentioned bench seat the same Purple-Licious purple with a semi-gloss white for the center ribbing of the seats to give the purple color a kick.

Overall, I loved the model, even with the minimum amount of parts available. The only thing I did not use was the chrome "Moon" wheels that came with the kit. I instead put on some chrome American Racing-style wheels from my parts bin. I actually liked the look better, but that's just my opinion.

Thank you Revell and IPMS/USA for giving me an opportunity to assemble this fun kit with a fun throw back theme to hot rodding!


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