A-10C Weapons Pylon Set for Hobby Boss

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A focal point of any A-10 build is all of the ordinance hanging from eleven hardpoints across its wingspan. While the Hobby Boss A-10 has a lot of strong points, the kit provided weapon pylons are not one of them. The surface details consist of dimpled rivets and some raised boxy panels. Phase Hangar corrects that for us with this set of replacement pylons with separate bomb rack inserts. Each pylon includes a raised station reference on the casting block that corresponds to the weapon station diagram in the kit instructions. As with the other parts Phase Hangar produces for the Hobby Boss kit, these have fine surface details. There are no instructions on the Phase Hangar site for this but you don’t need them. Identify the weapons station, remove the casting block and drop into the recess on the kit wing. After minor cleanup to remove the casting sprue, the bomb rack parts drop into recesses under the pylon and include sway braces. Those braces should assist in aligning whatever hangs from the pylon. This set is a highly visible upgrade to what comes in the box and I highly recommend it.

Thank you to Phase hangar for the sample and to IPMS for allowing me to show you what quality product this is


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