E2C Hawkeye Replacement Propellers

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Base Kit
Kinetic/Italeri 1/48th scale E2C Hawkeye
Company: Quickboost - Website: Visit Site
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Quickboost has introduced a drop in replacement set of props for the Kinetic/Italeri 1/48th scale E2C Hawkeye. The set comes with 2 sets of replacement blades, 2 complete one piece spinners and a jig to insure proper alignment of the blades. Casting is perfect with no flash, air voids and any imperfections at all.

Looking closely at the parts, one advantage to the Quickboost set is that the leading edges of the props and the ends have engraved lines where the kits are raised. Not a big issues but it is about time saving. Also, if you bought the modern version of the E2C with the 8-bladed props, you can use these to convert back. The jig is an excellent tool and insures proper alignment of the parts.

Simple install, perfect casting and great convenience are all in this set and is what Quickboost is about. My Thanks to David Lajer and Quickboost for the review sample and this is a recommended set.


Submitted by rikki wolfe (not verified) on Fri, 2018-11-30 05:45


If any one is not using there 8 bladed props for the kit they are doing i would very much like to purchase any as need for on going projects and cannot find the scimiatr props any where.



rikki wolfe


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