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Basic Colors Vol 1 Box Cover

Green Stuff World is a company based out of Spain. It specializes in the design and production of tools, paints, and other related products for modeling, crafts, and war games. Green Stuff World has provided IPMS-USA an eight (8) bottle acrylic paint set for review.

In the Box

The paint set contains eight (8) 17ml bottles with nontoxic water based acrylic paints. Inside each bottle is an agitator ball to help mix the paint when shaking. The following colors are provided:

  • Cyber Yellow (No. 1781)
  • Marine Blue (No. 1792)
  • Warcry Green (No. 1799)
  • Sun-Bleached Bone (No. 1825)
  • Bestial Brown (No. 1833)
  • Lollipop Magenta (No. 1839)
  • Elven Flesh (No. 1845)
  • Red Truth (No. 3217)

This is labeled as a “Basic Colours” set and it has the primary colors of Red, Blue, and Yellow, which will allow you to mix other colors. However, White and Black will need to be purchased separately to help compliment this set.

Review Process

For this review I used white plastic spoons. To prepared the surface, 400-grit sandpaper was used to roughen the surface. This was followed by an airbrushed primer coat of Mr. Surfacer 1500 White on both sides. On the outer side, I then taped off half of the spoon and airbrushed a primer coat of Mr. Surfacer 500 Gray for color contrast.

Next, using an an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS with a .50 mm nozzle, I airbrushed each paint to the outer side of the spoon. For this process I used two drops of Vallejo Flow Improver, 3 drops of paint, and 6 drops of Vallejo Airbrush Thinner.

The mixture produces a thinned paint that flowed and atomized very well out of the airbrush. The color of the base primer coat will have a big impact of the final hue since there is some transparency even after several applications. The paint dries fast and dead flat. After about 12 hours cure time it is also very durable.

For the inner side of the spoon, I applied the paint with a round 0-size brush using applications straight from the bottle to varying thinness with water. Of the eight paints, Warcry Green and Bestial Brown left some brush strokes. However, all of them responded well when thinned and flowed beautifully from the brush once a good ratio of paint-to-water was achieved. Once applied, the paint dries fast so keep an eye on the moisture content, if you are painting over a large surface.


This is a good acrylic paint set for the hobby. It applied well from the air and paint brush. The colors have a dead flat finish once dry and are durable when fully cured. The primary colors are vibrant and true to being Red, Blue, and Yellow. All that is needed to compliment this set is purchasing White and Black. Make sure the base primer coat is a quality paint and the right color.

I want to thank Green Stuff World for providing this paint set and IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to review.

Highly Recommend to EVERYONE!


Submitted by Chris (not verified) on Sat, 2023-09-16 20:36


I really liked your approach for this comparison. The brush-side of the spoon was my favorite and it was obvious to see how diluting with water affected the look.

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