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April 20, 2011
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Size - 2.5"
Company: Flightpose
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One of the long time problems modelers have had is what to do if they want to pose an aircraft in flight- after all, that's their natural habitat, in the air. Another problem we modelers have had is how to show off the underside of our exquisitely detailed airplanes or the like while they sit on their gear.

Carlos Laos and Flightpose have come to the rescue with a simple yet brilliant idea! Flightpose stands consist of three soft-tipped, moveable rods attached to a base. The rods are repositionable and can be used to support a good size kit. I tried it on Airfix's new Sea Vixen and also Academy's 1/32 F-16I Sufa and the large version supported each of them with no problems. The tips are very "grippy" so there is good firm support. The sizes mentioned above in the pricing are actually the lengths of the rods that come with each stand, and that determines how high the model sits. The Flightpose stand takes about 2 minutes to screw together and the quality is excellent. The parts are made from nice clear acrylic, and result in a very attractive set all the way around.

One of the huge benefits I see with this is that when you tire of one kit “flying”, you can easily replace it with your next flyer, unlike a permanent fixed display. Also, it could make a great work stand for letting paint dry or decaling.

One last thing where this unit could really help is at contests. The stand can be used to raise your kit literally above the other entrants, and simplify judging the undersides, minimizing the need for handling the model. As a judge, it always me makes me nervous to touch anything and here's a great alternative!

Highly recommended. My thanks to Carlos and the fine people at Flightpose and IPMS/USA for this review sample and for an elegant solution to so many problems.


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