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Finally, a proportionally accurate ’70 Dodge Charger is available for MOPAR enthusiast in 1:25th scale. This model does the immensely popular Fast & Furious muscle car justice and it’s sure to be a standout on your display shelf.

This review covers the skill level 5 (ages 14 years and older) Dominic's Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger 1:25 Scale Revell Model Kit #85-4319. Correct grill features and a one-piece rear fascia combined with a well designed kit for buildability are the hallmark of this Charger kit. The kit has 122 parts molded in white, chrome, clear and transparent red along with vinyl tires and metal axle pins. This is a detailed kit with a nicely appointed hemi motor. The detailed chassis has options for stock and drag ride heights for those that want to convert the car to stock. The interior is basic, and while not exactly representing the movie version, it represents Dominic’s car pretty well. Finished dimensions are: Length: 8¼”, Width: 3”, Height: 2¼”

Construction and Detailing

This build begins with the engine. The motor consists of 22 nicely detailed pieces. The main block, heads, front end and oil pan can be assembled and then painted Hemi orange. The heads are black and I left the chromed parts as is to emulate the movie car. The blower assembles easily and looks good along with the steel headers.

Next, paint the interior semi-gloss black. I removed the front passenger and rear seat like the show car and installed fire extinguisher, rear brace and roll cage. I installed the other interior pieces with no problems. I cut out the gauge decals and glued them in place with white glue along with the column and dash. I always loved the pure utilitarian nobility of those all black MOPAR interiors. They were so durable and easy to clean!

The body and main panels are easily sanded with some light grit sand paper. After a quick soapy toothbrush scrub and rinse and air drying, give them a good coat of primer inside and out. After the primer cures, paint the parts with some deep black paint for the movie car version. After that’s dried thoroughly, use some metal foil to accent the trim. It really sets off this black beauty!

Use a sharp blade (carefully) to remove the copyright script from the chassis and paint it flat black with semi-gloss black frame rails. Paint the gas tank and highlight the metal lines with a steel color. Paint the radiator wall flat black and install with the attendant parts. Install the motor into the frame along with the other underbody parts. Align the interior and frame and install it into the body ensuring that it is inside the front valance and flush with the body sides. Turn the radiator at an angle and work it into place. Assemble and paint the front suspension black. It fits together well. The brake rotors are aluminum with copper calipers. Add those to the front suspension and install that. Adding the blocks and braces to the chassis, assemble and add the rear suspension there. Assemble the tires (noting the difference in size and depth of the fronts and rears) with the nice looking slicks in the back. Add an axle pin and install the brakes to the rims and the rims onto the tires. Insert the axle pins into the axles along with the wheels with a dab of Superglue.

Assemble the front end parts and give the grill a nice blackwash with a mix of 50/50 paint to thinner. Finish off the rear end and use a silver marker to outline the taillights to emulate that trim.


I was really excited to see a new version of the iconic ’70 Charger and I was not disappointed in this kit. The car builds into a nice rendition of the F&F movie car and has the potential for other versions that will probably come out in the future. The inclusion of different ride height blocks is a pretty good indication that a stock version is in the making. The interior lacks some detail from the movie version’s car but from the outside it’s pretty close. The good and bad news is that this kit had no build issues and that makes this a great kit to assemble but it also makes for a short review. Maybe that’s not so bad after all.

If you love the Fast & Furious movies or the early MOPAR muscle you are going to love this kit! I have to thank Revell for marketing this great looking Charger kit and to IPMS for letting me review it to share with you!


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I’ve bought the car itself but in the instructions the colour codes don’t match what’s in the instructions 

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