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F-100 Super Sabre in Detail and Scale (Apple iBooks Digital edition)

Published: June 18, 2021
Book Author(s): Bert Kinzey, Richard Roszak
Company: Detail & Scale, Inc.

Company Intro

For those of us who have been in the game a while, Bert and Rock need no introduction. Detail & Scale has been pumping out great references and books longer than I have been alive (I’m 35 btw). I have a few physical copies of their publications, but this was the first foray in the digital content they provide.

This book was already reviewed in its physical… more

Front Cover

Mutina 43 BC, Marc Antony’s Struggle for Survival

Published: August 14, 2019
Book Author(s): Nic fields and Peter Dennis
Company: Osprey Publishing

So, before we get into the specifics of the book. Here is a little about the author and illustrator. Dr Nic fields is the author of this publication and many others so he is not a stranger to the osprey family or to my memory. He’s a veteran of the Royal Marines, biochemist and historian so I guess you could say a jack of all trades. He does a lot of his research writing and editorials… more

Front Cover

The Pirate World

Published: August 14, 2019
Book Author(s): Angus Konstam
Company: Osprey Publishing

So, before we get into the specifics of the book. Here is a little about the author, Angus Konstam is an internationally renowned historian and one of the world’s leading experts on pirates and pirate history with well over 100 books to his name. 60 of his publications have been written for Osprey with 3 of his books being best sellers. He is a formal Naval officer and has worked as an… more

Front Cover

South American Battleships 1908-59

Published: August 12, 2019
Book Author(s): Mark Ladas, Johnny Shumate, and Julian Baker
Company: Osprey Publishing

So, before we get into the specifics of the book. Here is a little about the author and illustrators, Mark Ladas holds a degree in Naval architecture and has written a few naval publications for osprey, he is an avid ship modeler and amateur historian. The illustrators Johnny Shumate and Julian baker both work as freelance illustrators and have both also been longtime contributors to osprey.… more

Product Picture

F-104G Starfighter, Special Colors

Published: January 8, 2019
Company: Italeri

Short History

The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter is a single-engine, supersonic interceptor aircraft which later became widely used as an attack aircraft. It was originally developed by Lockheed for the United States Air Force (USAF), but was later… more

Packaging with kit box

Su-35 Flanker E Landing Gear

Published: January 15, 2018
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Short History

While we are all familiar with the Su-27 family of aircraft this beast is in a league all in its own. Sukhoi’s Su-35 Super Flanker (NATO designation "Flanker E") took the world market by storm when it proved able to challenge and defeat any aircraft in the East (and West) except for absolute top-of-the-line fighters such as the EF2000 and F-22. The direct derivative of… more

Box Art

M-76 Otter Light Amphibious Transport

Published: January 15, 2018
Company: Croco Models

About the Company

Croco Models is a small model manufacturer from the Republic of Latvia. They've recently begun developing small kits of rare vehicles, and various model building accessories. This is the second model of their offering and is of the M-76 otter which was a USMC light amphibious vehicle and this is the first time this subject has been offered in any scale.


Decal instructions

F-16C/D BLK 52 Thunderbirds

Published: January 8, 2018
Company: Twobobs Aviation Graphics

About the Company

Two Bobs is a limited run/ Custom Decal company based out of Fort Worth, Texas and is owned and operated by Mr. Bob Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez is a former enlisted Air Force engineer and has been very active in the modeling community almost all of his life. Two-Bob decals usually sell out very well and once their limited run subjects sell out they are not available for… more

Decal Cover sheet

F-35 Anthology Big Scale Lightning II’s

Published: December 25, 2017
Company: Furball Aero-Design

About the Company

Founded in January 2012, Furball Aero-Design's goal is to provide the enthusiast/ modeler with most accurate, well researched, and interesting decal sets available on the market. Their decal sets will always be jammed packed with multiple markings options and provide the modeler with the best value bar none. Each decal set is printed to the highest quality standards… more

Decal Schemes

VA-65 Tigers (2) USN A-6E Tram Intruders in the Cold War and Desert Storm

Published: December 25, 2017
Company: AOA Decals

About the Company

AOA is a newer decal company and they are a purpose driven. AOA’s goal was to fill the gap of a lack of decals for Marine and Navy aircraft on the aftermarket scene and boy what a way to make an entrance by going to the 1/32 Trumpeter A-6/A-6E Tram models. For those of you looking for large scale Navy Markings keep AoA on your priority list.

What’s on the… more