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Razor Saw Profi Set

Published: September 6, 2022
Company: CMK

The growing number of 3D printed kits is a boon to the hobby. We are now getting 3D printed kits of subjects that are not economically viable in styrene and for subjects long ignored by the big manufactures. But, new technologies bring new problems. Removing the 3D printed parts from the support structures and rafts can be a bit of work and as I have discovered the resin will quickly dull your… more

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Austro-Hungarian Burstyn Motorgeschütz 1912

Published: May 17, 2022
Company: Vargas Scale Models


An Austro-Hungarian engineer, Günther Burstyn, designed a "land-ship" vehicle in 1911, which was tailored to cross trenches, provide infantry support and crush barbed wire entanglements. This was the Burstyn Motorgeschütz. It was relatively small, with a revolving turret and potentially armed with a light 37 or 47 mm gun, and a crew of two. The unique aspect of this… more


WW1 US Pioneer Skeleton Tank

Published: February 19, 2022
Company: Vargas Scale Models


Late in WW1 the US determined that there was a problem with current tanks. The British designed rhomboid tanks were good at crossing the enemy trenches but were so heavy that most got stuck or broke down in no-mans-land. The French FT17 light tank usually made it across no-mans-land but couldn't always cross the enemy trenches. The US looked for a tank that could do both… more


US WW2 Stowage

Published: November 7, 2021
Company: Value Gear

There are certain things that seem to define some nation’s armor in WW2. The Soviets had their political slogans painted on vehicles, and the Americans had lots of personal equipment stacked and hung on the vehicle. If you are modeling the US Army in WW2, you have wall-to-wall Olive Drab in your display case. Value Gear provides the modeler with a wide selection of low-cost stowage to break-up… more


Bombarda Maggiora ad Acetilene da 320

Published: December 29, 2021
Company: Vargas Scale Models


Necessity is the mother of invention. Once the combatants in the Great War settled into the trenches, the Italians faced a desperate shortage of heavy artillery. To help fill this need, Demetrio Maggiora invented a short range 320mm (12.6 inch) mortar powered by acetylene gas. The acetylene was generated in canisters like a miner’s lamp. The gas was transferred into a… more