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Military Miniatures U.S. Infantry Scout Set

Published: July 5, 2022
Company: Tamiya

Tamiya’s new 1/35th scale figure kit “U.S. Infantry Scout Set” includes plastic parts for making five U.S. army WWII infantry figures. The kit comes in a 10” by 6” by 1 1/2” top-opening box. The box contains four sprues of plastic parts, a double-sided instruction sheet, and water-slide decals. Sprue CA and sprue CB provide the weapons and accessories. The weapons included are: an M1918 BAR… more


USN OS2U Kingfisher VO-1 USS Arizona BB-39 Decals

Published: June 13, 2022
Company: Yellow-Wings Decals

As one might guess from the company’s name, Yellow-Wings Decals specializes in decals for American military aircraft from the period when they sported some very colorful markings.

Sheet 48-044 titled: “USN OS2U Kingfisher, VO-1 USS Arizona BB-39, Inshore Patrol Squadron, Sitka Alaska” provides marking for two colorful Kingfishers. The sheet is intended for the Monogram Kingfisher 1/… more

Box Art


Published: February 20, 2022
Company: Italeri

Italeri’s “Partisans” figure kit (photo 1) is a re-issue of the 1977 ESCI kit “Partisans Resistance Group”. The kit includes two sprues providing parts for six figures and various accessories (photos 2 & 3). The illustration on the back of the box serves as both the assembly and painting instructions (photo 4). The suggested paint colors refer to Italeri’s acrylic paint line. Three of the… more


USAAF Bomber Pilots and Ground Personnel (1944-1945)

Published: February 20, 2022
Company: ICM

ICM’s new figure kit “USAAF Bomber Pilots and Ground Personnel (1944-1945)” includes three aircrew figures, two ground crew figures, and two flight bags. The colorful box lid (photo-1) is flimsy but covers a sturdy hinged cardboard inner box (photo-2). The packaging won’t get squashed if the box winds up underneath all the other kits you told yourself you wouldn’t buy until you finished… more

Product Package

Figures Set DAK (Africa Korps) Uniforms

Published: October 22, 2021
Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez

Ammo By MIG’s new paint set “DAK (Africa Korps) Uniforms” includes six 17ml bottles of water-based acrylics. Each bottle has a steel ball inside to speed up the mixing of the paint when shaking the bottle. The colors included are: Dark Olive Green F-503, Pale Yellow Green F-505, Field Grey Shadow F-514, Dark Brown F-533, Italian Green Camo F-535, and Ochre Brown F-546 (photo-1). These colors… more