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M48A3 Mod.B

Company: Dragon Models

A new release in Dragon’s Black series of modern armor the M48A3 Mod.B is a welcome option over the aged Tamiya M48A3 kit from decades ago. Hopefully the drawbacks and challenges of the old Tamiya M48A3 have been corrected with this new release.

Build Notes

Before starting, the Dragon kit has modest cast hull texture; so if a rougher cast texture is desired, glue the hull top… more

Box Cover Art

Type G4 (W31) WWII German Personnel Car with Open Cover

Company: ICM

The G4 personnel car was designed for the Wehrmacht, but was deemed too expensive and complex for mass production. Only 72 were produced for use by high-ranking state and military officials.

Some notes that will make the assembly steps easier:

  • Step 1. Part A15, the transmission, has no part callout number tab on the sprue tree, so it has to be searched for.
  • more


Russian Self-Propelled Gun SU-152 (KV-14)

Company: Bronco Models

The Beast

As the SU-152 is known as one of the stops on evolutionary scale for the KV-1 chasis before it was overshadowed by JS-Series.

As a newbie to Bronco kits, I was pleasantly surprised to open the box to slide molded sprues, 3 bags of individual linked track sprues and a sprue of clear modular interior & exterior periscopes.

Upon inspection of the… more