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Ki-43 II Hayabusa Wheels (Oscar)

Published: March 8, 2021
Company: Brengun

Brengun, from the Czech Republic, has released a nice set of resin wheels to help dress up any 1/32nd scale Hayabusa Ki.-43 Oscar. The wheels are beautifully molded in a dark gray resin and are clean and defect free. The product packet includes two wheels with a nicely detailed spoked wheel, as well as two choices of wheel covers. One flat cover features four bolt heads. The second… more

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Chance Vought USMC F4U Corsairs Decals

Published: August 24, 2019
Company: Fundekals

Opening the package of decals you will find two large sheets of beautifully printed markings for no less than nine Corsairs These aircraft include mostly F4U-1A’s with markings for two F4U-1D’s and one late war FG-1D. There is no instruction booklet included in the package. However going to the Fundekals website you can download the instruction booklet as a PDF file. I call this an instruction… more

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The M3 Grease Gun

Published: July 22, 2016
Book Author(s): Leroy Thompson
Company: Osprey Publishing

This is the forty sixth volume in the Weapon series. This volume deals solely with the 45 cal. M3 sub machine gun, which was commonly called “The Grease Gun” because of its resemblance to the mechanics grease gun familiar to so many young men in the army. It has also been called Americas Sten Gun because like its British counterpart it was designed to be made with stamped metal welded together… more

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U.S. M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun

Published: November 14, 2015
Company: Riich Models


The British 6 Pounder Anti-Tank gun was manufactured in the US, in 1942. In early 1943, the US Army adopted it for their use and called it the 57mm Anti-Tank gun M1. The version adopted for the army was modified and supplied to the army with a modified towing hitch and “Combat” wheels. Most branches of the US Army considered the weapon as too heavy and it was also hampered by… more

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75mm Pack Howitzer M1A1 & Gun Crew

Published: June 30, 2015
Company: Bronco Models

Following their release of the 75mm Pack Howitzer with ¼ ton truck and crew, Bronco has released a British airborne version with a crew of five. When this kit came up for review, I had just finished building Vision’s 75mm Pack Howitzer and thought it would give me an opportunity to compare the two kits. Much to my surprise the Bronco kit is the Vision kit with a new sprue added to detail up… more


M4A1 Deep Wading Kit

Published: May 2, 2015
Company: Eduard


The need for armored support early on during an amphibious invasion was indicated early in the war. It was apparent that there might not be a chance to unload armored vehicles directly on the beaches. This meant that invading armor would need to be unloaded off shore and wade to the beach. In order to do this the tank needed to be waterproofed and a means to supply air to the… more


Browning M1919 .30 Caliber Barrels

Published: January 25, 2015
Company: Master Model


The Browning M1919 was introduced after the end of the First World War and soldiered on for several decades. It saw action in WWII, the Korean Conflict as well as in Viet Nam. It was used as a light infantry support weapon, mounted in aircraft and vehicles as a self-defense weapon and used as an anti-aircraft machine gun. It was used by several countries. It can be seen… more


US Marine vs. Japanese Infantryman - Guadalcanal 1942–43

Published: November 30, 2014
Book Author(s): Gordon L. Rottman
Company: Osprey Publishing

US Marine versus Japanese Infantryman: Guadalcanal 1942–43 is the eighth volume in Osprey’s Combat series and the first dealing with an American fighting force in WWII. Fortunately, this volume deals with the US Marines. There are never enough references covering the USMC, so this volume is a welcome release.

This new book deals with the Marines fighting the Japanese infantry during… more

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Roland C.IIa Late

Published: October 1, 2014
Company: Wingnut Wings, Ltd


The prototype Roland C.II first flew in October 1915 and quickly proved to be faster than most fighters. 50 Roland C.II’s were ordered in December 1915 and was equipped with a rounded rollover hoop as well as other minor early features. The second production batch ordered in early 1916 had many improvements, including strengthened wings, and the ability to install a bomb rack… more

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Winnie Mae

Published: August 13, 2014
Company: Round 2 Models


Round 2 Models continues re-releasing older kits with their latest release of a true classic Lindberg’s Winnie Mae. The Lockheed Vega was a true master piece of aviation engineering. The Vega was designed by Jack Northrop and Gerrard Vultee in 1926. The 27 foot long Vega was constructed of a molded plywood fuselage and a single spar wooden wing, which was a radical… more