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Colors & Markings of the A-6 Intruder in U. S. Navy Attack Squadron Service

Published: January 22, 2023
Book Author(s): Mike Heideman and Rock Roszak
Company: Detail & Scale, Inc.

Built by Grumman Aircraft, the A-6 Intruder is legendary in Naval Aviation circles. Flown by the US Navy and Marine Corps as both a land based and carrier-based deep penetration attack aircraft the A6 could carry more bomb weight than a WW II B-17 bomber!! This book is a companion to the Detail and Scale book on A-6s that was released in 1987. As the title implies, this volume covers colors… more


American Artillery - From 1775 to the Present Day

Published: May 14, 2021
Book Author(s): Michael Green
Company: Pen & Sword

Artillery has generally been known as the King of Battle for quite a long time and for good reason. The ability to reach out and touch your opponent on a battlefield is an obvious advantage. And if you can do that first, further, with more power than your opponent there’s a strong chance your forces are going to win the day. Battlefield artillery has come a long way since the United States has… more


Images of War, The Phantom F-4

Published: July 23, 2020
Book Author(s): Martin B. Bowman
Company: Pen & Sword

The McDonnell/Douglas F-4 Phantom is arguably one of the best all time fighter aircraft ever made. Developed for the US Navy as a long-range all-weather fighter aircraft the Phantom saw a large number of variants for the Navy, Air Force and a host of foreign users. This book tells that story in a concise, well written and interesting manner.

Written by British author Martin B. Bowman… more

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Starfighters in Combat

Published: May 7, 2020
Company: Iliad Design

Iliad Decals is a firm based in Canada that produces decals for many subjects in both 1/48 and 1/72 scales. Printing is nicely done with all colors in register and true. They’re traditional water slide configuration, are thin and look good.

The sheet carries markings for seven F-104s. All aircraft depicted are combat aircraft.. There are a variety of schemes worn by these warriors, so… more

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USS Forrest Sherman

Published: April 19, 2020
Company: Atlantis Model Company

The USS Forrest Sherman was the lead ship in the US Navy Destroyer program instituted in 1953. Constructed at the Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine beginning in October 1953, launched on February 5, 1955 and commissioned November 9, 1955. After a long and distinguished career, she was decommissioned on November 5, 1982, and stricken from… more

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Union Sharpshooter Verses Confederate Sharpshooter, American Civil War 1861-65

Published: September 3, 2019
Book Author(s): Gary Yee
Company: Osprey Publishing

The American Civil War is a study in contrasts and similarities. Historians make a living comparing and contrasting both sides from every angle conceivable. Commanders, battlefields, tactics, and weapons are the usual subjects and this book focuses on the Sharpshooting arena. Published by our friends at Osprey Publishers, Union Sharpshooter VS Confederate Sharpshooters is authored by Gary Yee… more

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Ukrainian Submarine "Zaporizhzhia" 641 Foxtrot Class

Published: February 10, 2020
Company: MikroMir

The Soviet Foxtrot class submarine, known as Project 641, was a diesel-electric powered attack submarine. First commissioned in 1971, they served until 1994 with Soviet and satellite operators. This particular boat first saw service with the Soviet Navy. When the Soviet Union broke up, this boat was in port in Ukraine. The fledgling Ukrainian Navy seized it, becoming the first, and only… more

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Sopwith Snipe Landing Gear

Published: April 25, 2018
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) produces cast metal landing gear and other accessories for a host of aircraft models in every conceivable scale. This offering is designed for the Wingnut Wings Sopwith Snipe kit in 1/32nd scale and is a direct replacement of the corresponding kit parts.

The kit contains four (4) parts in white metal. Two landing gear struts, the axle cross member and… more

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Railway Guns of WW I

Published: November 5, 2017
Book Author(s): Marc Romanych and Greg Heuer
Company: Osprey Publishing

Railway guns are in simple terms huge guns on trains. First conceived and fabricated during the American Civil War in 1862 by Confederate forces, railway guns came into being to rapidly bring large artillery where needed. Traditional methods of dismounting a large gun tube and moving them by horse drawn train was time consuming and manpower intensive. European observers sent to scrutinize took… more

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Sharpshooting Rifles of the American Civil War

Published: September 3, 2017
Book Author(s): Martin Pegler
Company: Osprey Publishing

The American Civil War was a time of transition, both materially and tactically. On the material side of the equation, metallurgy and weaponry were seeing huge advances. The tactical side struggled to keep pace. When war first broke in 1861 commanders saw the battlefield as a linear environment. That is; long lines of men advancing toward each other to get close enough for the smoothbore… more