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FJ Fury: Part 1 - Prototypes through FJ-3 Variants

Published: October 22, 2021
Book Author(s): Bert Kinzey
Company: Detail & Scale, Inc.

This book has 3 chapters going over many aspects of this aircraft.

  • Development History
  • Fury Variants
    • FJ-1
    • XFJ-2 prototypes
    • FJ-2
    • FJ-3
  • FJ-1/FJ-2 Details
    • Cockpit Details
    • Canopy
    • Fuselage
    • Wing Details
    • Landing gear
    • Tail detail
    • Engine… more

Box Art

USSR M10 "Lend-Lease"

Published: February 22, 2020
Company: Academy Models

In today’s review we will be doing a Soviet Union Lend lease M10, This Tank was originally released back in 2014 for the 70th anniversary of the Normandy invasion with that being said this new release does have a few things differently such as the decal sheet and the Soviet figures.

Let’s start will the Hull, This kit does offer the interior which is very nicely detailed.… more

Book Cover

The Research Squad, Panther Project Volume 2 - Engine & Turret

Published: March 25, 2019
Book Author(s): Lee Lloyd, Brian Balkwill, Alasdair Johnston
Company: Casemate Publishers


The second volume of Panther Project follows the Restoration process of the Engine and Turret process along with its connected systems, information on Zimmerit. Some very nice Hull walk around along with interior photos, there are 440 photographs that make up this book along with some nice technical drawings of components.


Before they dive in… more

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F16C/D Block 52+ Polish AF Advanced Viper

Published: November 20, 2018
Company: Kinetic Model Kits

The kit was originally release back in 2009 at the cost of 64.95 with only the 2 seater F-16D variant. This Reproduction comes in at 39.99 and 4 different variants out of 1 box F-16D 4082, F-16D 4084, F-16C 4062 or F-16C4055.

As far as fit goes for the main fuselage it was pretty good, there were mainly just a few sections that needed some putty to remove the gaps. Behind the wings up… more

Package Cover

Pre-War Hawker Hurricanes Decals

Published: February 22, 2020
Company: Iliad Design

This decal set is a release from Iliad Design. It originally only came with decals for 4 Hurricanes, not the 5 that this release comes with.

The instruction sheet also doubles as the cover image, folded in half with the decals in the center to keep from possible damage in the standard Ziploc bag. The instructions come in full color for each aircraft in the standard Hurricane colors,… more