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Macchi MC.202 Folgore

Published: February 15, 2024
Company: Italeri

Italeri has brought out the long awaited 1/32 scale Macchi MC.202 Folgore (Italian for Thunderbolt) just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Regia Aeronautica (RA; Royal Italian Air Force). The MC.202 was a development of the earlier C.200 Saetta, which was a radial engine design. The MC.202 used the Italian built version of the German Daimler-Benz DB 601A engine and a… more

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Boeing B-17, Flight Craft 27

Published: May 11, 2023
Book Author(s): Ben Skipper
Company: Pen & Sword

This is one book in a line of military aircraft books from Pen and Sword in the Flight Craft series #27 Boeing B17. Now there have probably been hundreds of books published on the Boeing B17, many of which I have read. This is the first one I have read that incorporates design and development, camouflage and markings, in service and in action, B17 variants, with modeling the B17 and showcase… more

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Messerschmitt Bf109E Sept. 1940

Published: July 5, 2022
Company: Hobby Boss

Brief History

The Messerschmitt Bf109 is probably one of the most well-known WW2 fighter planes ever made. Also the most prolific at 35000 produced. They were produced well into the 1960s by the Spanish Air Force and by Czechoslovakia. It was a plane developed in1934 by Willy Messerschmitt to a Luftwaffe specification for a high performance single seat fighter. The Bf109 was, in… more

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A26B Invader Pacific Theater

Published: April 12, 2021
Company: ICM

Brief History

The Douglas A-26 Invader (designated B-26 between 1948 and 1965) is an American twin-engined light bomber and ground attack aircraft. Built by Douglas Aircaft Company during World War II, the Invader also saw service during several major Cold War conflicts. A limited number of highly modified United Sates Air Force aircraft served in Southeast Aisa until 1969. It was a… more

Meng Dr.1

Fokker Dr1 Triplane

Published: January 15, 2021
Company: Meng Model

It has been 102 years since the end of WW1 and we still have a fascination with the daring young men and their flying machines. It is amazing that 11 years after the Wright brothers first flew, we had airplanes dogfighting over the battle-scarred fields in Europe. Some of those aircraft were simple single wing models that resembled kites, others were single seat bi-planes and 2 seat cockpits… more

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Lancaster B Mk.III Dambuster – Part 3 of 3

Published: March 23, 2020
Company: HK Models Co.

Welcome back to the final installment of the 1/32 HK models Lancaster B Mk.III Dambuster review.

Last time we finished the bomb bay area, wings, tail feathers and did some initial assembly.

This time we will be masking, painting, decals and final assembly.


First off this is a big model and requires a bit more paint than other kits. I happened to request… more

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Lancaster B Mk.III Dambusters - Part 2 of 3

Published: January 14, 2020
Company: HK Models Co.

Welcome back to the second installment of the HK 1/32 Lancaster B MkIII Dambusters review.

Last time was cockpit and interior assembly and painting and fuselage assembly, also turret assembly and painting.

Part 2 will cover the bombay changes, engine assembly and painting and installation on the wings, wing and tail plane assembly and installation on the fuselage.

Bomb… more

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Lancaster B Mk.III Dambuster – Part 1 of 3

Published: November 9, 2019
Company: HK Models Co.

In 2012 Hong Kong models entered their first 1/32 scale model the B25J Mitchell and since that time modelers have been seeing a long line of 1/32 scale kits, multiple B25s, B17E, F and Gs, the Dornier Do 335A and B and the De Havilland Mosquito B Mk. IX/ Mk. XVI and Mk. IV Series II. Now we have the Avro Lancaster B Mk.I which has been reviewed by IPMS member Eric Christianson this year, and… more

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Do335 A-0 Pfeil - The Big Finish, Part 3

Published: December 30, 2016
Company: Zoukei-Mura

Big Finish

So we are finally to the point of paint, decals and final assembly. I started out with applying the paint masks for the canopies. The paint masks seem to fit very well and are applied easily. I started the painting by covering the entire fuselage with Model Master Metallics non buffing Aluminum. I do this for two reasons, 1) to find any defects in the fuselage and take… more

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Do335 A-0 Pfeil - Fuselage and Wing Build, Part 2

Published: December 13, 2016
Company: Zoukei-Mura

The Build Part 2: Continuing with the build is the 2 Daimler-Benz DB603 inverted V-12 liquid cooled engines. It starts with the two halves of the block with molded in pistons and rods. There are two halves of each bank of pistons that all get put together, then the upper sections are glued to that and the top cap of the whole assembly to finish it off. The valve covers are next along with the… more