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ME 328A Pulse Jet Fighter

Published: December 1, 2010
Company: Encore by Squadron

Editor’s note: “Luft ‘46” are hypothetical Luftwaffe aircraft which may have been available had the war continued into 1946 and beyond. They are broad-brush extrapolations and probably not connected to reality.

This is an in-box review of this hypothetical German fighter from Encore.

First up is the box with great artwork on the front. It shows pictures of the model with… more

Box Art

Borokov Florov I-207/3

Published: December 1, 2010
Company: Pavla Models

This is an in-the-box look as well as a little building info. The I-207 was a neat little fighter that never became of anything. I think there were only 3 made. They had good performance for the day but were already being outclassed by other designs. The instruction sheet gives you a brief history as well. The kit is a re-pop from AZ. It's the same as one I built several years ago, but this… more

Box Art

The Batboat (from the 1960's Movie and TV Show "Batman")

Published: December 1, 2010
Company: Polar Lights

This will be a box-review of Round 2/ Polar Lights' Batboat, from the classic “Adam West Years-of-Batman”. Round 2 has been giving us great stuff, and this is no exception! They have taken the old molds and tweaked them: then providing great decals and informative and easy instructions. The box and artwork are nicely done as well.

The breakdown of the parts is simple: 13 chrome pics, a… more

Packaging cover sheet

VMA 513 AV8B "Yuma Nightmares"

Published: December 1, 2010
Company: Twobobs Aviation Graphics

This is an out-of-the-envelope review on another of the famousTwobobs line of decals. This time up it's the sheet for the VMA "Yuma Nightmares". The number of this sheet is 48-222, which is 48th scale, but I believe it is done in 72nd and 32nd as well.

The decals themselves are printed in the USA by Microscale, and as always is top notch, responding well to any of the decal solvents.… more

Package cover sheet

"Blacksheep/Bulldogs" "Gunship Harriers"

Published: December 1, 2010
Company: Twobobs Aviation Graphics

This time up it’s the Twobobs Decals sheet 48-223 "Gunship Harriers". Though this sheet is 1/48th scale. I believe this is also available in 32nd scale as well as 72nd scale. Check their website as well. The sheet is printed beautifully by MicroScale. This time up it’s for two famous squadrons: VMA 214 "Black Sheep”, and VMA 223 “Bulldogs”.

The artwork is superb and the instruction… more


Tornado Exhaust Nozzles

Published: December 1, 2010
Company: Aires Hobby Models

We just keep getting more and more great stuff from these guys. They are truly one of the best resin casters out there. Their attention to detail is magnificent and the prices are reasonable to boot. This time up is a look at the burner cans for the Hobby Boss Tornado's. They look more towards the ones on the GR/4s then the ones on the Fighter /Interceptor variant but I could be wrong.