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P-47D Wheel Wells

Published: March 30, 2012
Company: Aires Hobby Models

This is a fine addition to the model maker’s resin arsenal by our friends over at Aires. It goes a long way toward addressing one of the weaker areas of many Thunderbolt kits.

The design of the original plane presents mold makers with something of a difficulty, given that the wheel wells of the lower mid-mounted wing extend into the fuselage. The fact that the wells on any P-47 model… more

Detail Parts

P-47M Cockpit Set

Published: January 23, 2012
Company: Aires Hobby Models

Made specifically for the Tamiya 1/48 scale P-47 Bubbletop, this comprehensive aftermarket set comes in Aires’ usual blister package. Separately ensconced in a secondary bubble are photo etch and film parts, along with the usual blue instructions.

In fact, the instructions alone come in for any criticism that may be reasonably leveled at this set. They are composed entirely of… more

Box Art


Published: September 11, 2011
Company: Dragon Models

One thing you can never say about Dragon kits is they don’t give you a whole bunch of plastic for your outlay of freshly printed samolians.

I’m sure the aftermarket folks will work their magic in resin and brass for this kit, but in reality, little of it is necessary to the builder who wants a neat, well detailed miniature of the prototype for his collection. It’s all right here in the… more


Wings of the Luftwaffe, Flying Captured German Aircraft of World War II

Published: October 12, 2010
Book Author(s): Capt. Eric Brown, CBE DSC AFC RN
Company: Specialty Press

Eric Brown is one of those very fortunate and rare individuals who happened to be not only in exactly the right place at the right time, but was eminently capable of extracting the most out of the opportunities presented him in the bargain. His qualifications and accomplishments as an airman leave most of the rest of us, military and civilian alike, deep in the shadows of the backfield. A… more

Conversion Parts

Siemens-Schuckert D III - Standard & Early "No Cut" Conversion

Published: February 10, 2020
Company: Roll Models

Loon Models bills this set as a “No Cut” conversion. It comprises a small number of tan resin pieces of moderate quality to directly replace styrene counterparts in Roden’s 1/32 scale Siemens-Schuckert D-III kit.

Included are two cowls, one a replacement for the “standard” number supplied in the kit and the second a later “cut back” version. Along with these are a “non vented”… more