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A Photographic History of Airborne Warfare 1939 - 1945

Published: May 5, 2022
Book Author(s): Simon and Jonathan Forty
Company: Pen & Sword

The book is interesting and often ignore subject as to the history of Airborne troops in World War II. It delves into great detail of the development, service, full history from the formation to the Airborne units and battles with text and a great many photographs.

The book's chapters are:

  • Conception
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Crete: The Turning Point
  • The… more

Box Art

Royal Marine Officer

Published: May 5, 2022
Company: ICM

ICM has released kit of a British Royal Marine Office in their 1/16 figure series. The Royal Marine is in the standard parade uniform with sword.

In the box is;

  • 2 x light grey sprues
  • 1 stand base
  • 1 black sprue
  • 1 instruction sheets
  • 1 box art print


The construction of the figure is very easy, and… more

Box Top

Doodlebug Texaco

Published: May 2, 2022
Company: Brengun

Hauler has provided another addition to the great small scale releases from Brengun with this Texaco Doodlebug (also known as Diamond T Doodlebug). This was a streamlined American tanker truck of the 1930’s. They were part of a project to modernize the Texaco brand at the time.

The detail quality is great; there is a lot of easily removable flash and no other noticeable imperfections.… more

Front Cover

Images of War – Schnellbootwaffe – Adolf Hitler’s Guerrilla War at sea: S-Boote 1939-45

Published: April 27, 2022
Book Author(s): Hrvoje Spajić
Company: Pen & Sword

The book is another in the great Images of War series. This book covers the history and actions of the German SchnellbootWaffe units though out the second world war.

The book really is about the development of the use of the SchnellerBootwaffe on its various forms and the operations it carried out. Also, the British forces actions and defenses against the units.

The Chapters… more

Front Cover

15 cm sIG 33 Schweres Infanteriegeschutz 33 – Camera On

Published: February 28, 2022
Book Author(s): Alan Ranger
Company: MMP Books

This is a thin book with only 72 pages but they are very high quality pictures of the German World War two Heavy Infantry Gun. This was the largest gun that as classified as an Infantry Gun. They were mainly horse drawn during the early part of the war.

I found this book fascinating and will be return to this book just to review the awesome photos which cover the gun in operation, at… more


Russian Heavy Tank KV-2

Published: February 20, 2022
Company: Tamiya

Tamiya has produced a new KV-2 kit based on the new tooled KV-1 from a couple of years ago with new tooled KV-2 Turret.

In the box is:

  • 7 x dark green sprues
  • 1 clear sprue
  • 1 small decal sheet
  • polycaps
  • string for cables
  • 1 instruction booklet
  • 1 color guide booklet (in color)

The kit consists of 7… more

Front Cover

Kagero Top Drawing 1173 The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet

Published: February 7, 2022
Book Author(s): Marek Rys
Company: Kagero Publishing

The book provides great detail drawings of the Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet. This was the first Rocket powered fighter used by German Air Force in WWII.

I found the drawings in this book to be fascinating and very detailed, ideal for any modeler as reference materials.

Along with the many outline drawings (in 1/48 & 1/72 scales in the main pages) there is also very nice… more

Box Top

PACV Hovercraft (U.S. Army)

Published: January 9, 2022
Company: Croco Models

Croco Models from Latvia produces some very interesting and unusual kits and this one is another great additional to their line up.

The Kit is resin

Included is:

  • 67 resin parts
  • One Photo Etch Sheet
  • One Decal sheet
  • One instruction sheet

The resin casing detail quality is great; The parts are very delicate parts that… more


The Steam Engines of World War II in Europe

Published: November 7, 2021
Book Author(s): Philip Horton
Company: Mortons Books

This book covers the steam trains used during World War II. The train was am very important tool during the war to move equipment, men, supplies critical to the war efforts on all sides bit Axis and Allied. The book shows the evolution of the different most popular trains used by Germany, Britain, and America.

The book goes into incredible detail on the steam engines including where… more


SH-60B Seahawk Correction set for Kitty Hawk

Published: November 7, 2021
Company: Phase Hanger

Phase Hangar resin provides a very nice correction set for the Kitty Hawk SH-60B Sea Hawk which I built a few months ago for an IPMS USA review, I really wish I had this set back then as it adds some nice additions to the kit.

The set comes with

  • 1 x Operator’s Console in Light Grey Resin
  • 1 x VCR in Light Grey Resin
  • 1 x RAST Probe in Light Grey Resin… more