Suggestions for Painting Vacuform Canopies

1 day 5 hours ago
I have masked and painted the vacuform canopy of my 1/48 scale F7F Tigercat twice now and each time the paint has come off of the canopy frames when I remove the masks. I'm using Mr. Hobby lacquer and have tried it both with and without a prior coat of Future. Since doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity does anyone out there have a suggestion on how to get the paint to stick to the frames?

1/35 Lunar Rover

1 day 15 hours ago
This is the EVA Models 1/35 LRV, Resin and PE kit. It was my first Resin and PE kit and is still holding up well, a few years later ... The S- Band antenna was made from a Zip-loc bag. It replaces the kit's wire mesh item. The tall antenna on the rear end is specific to Apollo 17 and was made with styrene and an Aluminum tube. It's a Diorama depicting a specific Station on their EVA. I also added a few more details form various materials for seat belts and covers on the Batteries and stuff like that. Both Schmitt and Cernan ... Schmitt's visor was scratched and he had it half raised a lot on their EVA's. As part of my research, I watched hours of their EVA's on DVD's from Spacecraft Films ... it still amazes what the USA did 50 years ago ... re-e-e-e-markable! Till next time! Thanx for stopping by! Pete

Hello from Hagerstown, Maryland

2 days ago
Hello, everyone. My name is Ed Carr and I live in Hagerstown, Maryland. For those who do not really know where that is, I live about a one and a half hour drive northwest of Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland. Also I live very near Sharpsburg, MD which is where the Antietam National Battlefield Park is located. I am 45 going on 46 years old and started building models again a few years ago after not building models since my childhood. One day, I purchased an X-wing Star Wars model and then over a few weeks I built it and from then on I have been building models more and more. I do not really build any one specific kind of model. I built Star Wars models mostly upon getting back into the hobby, but I built a M-41 Walker Bulldog tank just last year. Currently, I am building a Roman War Ship kit. I have WWII era prop plane kits as well as a WWI era British tank kit and a Star-Trek Enterprise ship kit yet to build. I also plan on building more armor and some jets as well. And, I still have a few more Star Wars kits to build as well, so I guess my interests so far are rather eclectic. I am enjoying model building very much once again. I viewed some of the other previous posts from around the turn of the new year and noticed that some members build upwards of ten plus models in a year. I simply build about four per year, each taking about three months to complete. I am looking forward to reading more posts as well as learning more tips and tricks from those more experienced. I am also looking forward to seeing photos of IPMS members' models both constructed and in the process of being constructed. Also, I hope to post some photos of my work here or there. Thanks for reading and happy new year!

1/144 Airfix Space Shuttle

2 days 17 hours ago
I've built a few Shuttles and as inaccurate as they all are, being based on prototypes, I like to modify 'em to make them look a little more accurate. With this little AIrfix, I've built up the Payload Bay, and opened up the Payload Bay Doors. Using New Ware PE for the REVELL Shuttle, the Radiators give it a nice look. All my Shuttles have the Bay doors open and the Payload Bay displayed. To me, this is how the Shuttle looks most of the time up there! The details were all built from scratch including the Ku Band antenna. The PE radiators and hinges were from New Ware. The FWD and Aft Bulkheads were built up too from scratch. The fit of these kits is really poor, but the molds are all 40 and 50 years old, so we have to expect this. Needless to say, sanding and filling are part and parcel to a nice build. Fitting the PB Doors ... lovely detail here, too bad they got covered up! Starting to built the new Payload Bay ... The kit's PB was replaced. The length of pipe was used to form my PB. The realistic Belly decals were made by a fellow modeler and really add to the accuracy of this little model. The RMS, Canadarm, was modified from the lit too ... Thanx for taking a peek gents! Pete

Skunk Models 1/48 Royal Navy Tow Tractor

3 days 6 hours ago
First completion of the year - the Kinetic 1/48 RN Tow Tractor. These come two to a box, and I completed one in the pre-1980's yellow and the other will be in post-80s dark green. Fit and detail are OK, nothing to write home about. The box also comes with a variety of nice figures, including a driver; I've left him removeable. The back of the box has a diorama base of an Invincible Class carrier deck. All I need now is a variety of 1/48 Sea Harriers to tow around! It's a generic tractor from either Hermes or Invincible, June 1982, hence the beat-up appearance.

Kinetic 1/48 Royal Navy Tow Tractor

3 days 6 hours ago
First completion of the year - the Kinetic 1/48 RN Tow Tractor. These come two to a box, and I completed one in the pre-1980's yellow and the other will be in post-80s dark green. Fit and detail are OK, nothing to write home about. The box also comes with a variety of nice figures, including a driver; I've left him removeable. The back of the box has a diorama base of an Invincible Class carrier deck. All I need now is a variety of 1/48 Sea Harriers to tow around! It's a generic tractor from either Hermes or Invincible, June 1982, hence the beat-up appearance.

Hello from Desert Hot Springs, Ca.

4 days 5 hours ago
Hi, I'm Fred. I live in the Coachella Valley. We don't have any clubs out here despite the fact we have a very large retired population as well as lots of snowbirds every winter. We moved this last year and I'm finally getting my "model work space" back together. The last couple weeks has been a lot of fun getting a new corner desk/work bench, going through all the boxes and rediscovering my tools paints, etc. It's like meeting old friends again. I've got a new spray booth I ordered on Amazon coming wed. I have been amazed at some of the new paint and tool racks available for reasonable prices. But, the prices of models on the internet have seemed to have taken a huge jump. I just started a 1/48 Czech Models N.A. FJ-1. I'll post pics when I'm a little farther along. Hope to hear from anyone in this area as well as anyone anywhere.

Hello from Carrollton, Texas

4 days 7 hours ago
Hi all, I have been a model builder, first as a kid and then after a layoff in 2005 I started up the hobby again and have been building ever since. I know many people in the IPMS and for over ten years was a regular at the local EagleQuest meetings sponsored by Squadron/MMD. I have a few models that were shown in magazines and a few small articles in Fine Scale Modeler magazine. I build just about anything but prefer aircraft, cars and Sci-Fi as my favorites. I am glad to finally be a member of IPMS and look forward to seeing everyone I can at IPMS events!

Italeri 1/72 C-130J

4 days 9 hours ago
I open the kit to find it is not a true "J" model. It looks like a E/H with "J" engines. Dog Houses are wrong, and you will have to fill in five of the windows and one door. Attack Squadron has Dog Houses and Brengun has what I think are the best engines that give the best fit. Happy Modelling

Gemini Astronaut

5 days 11 hours ago
This was another fun model for me ... using the Revell Gemini 1/6 scale kit of Ed White on his EVA, I modified the figure and made an AMU ( Astronaut Maneuvering Unit ) as well as a partial Agena. The Decals were all homemade ... The AMU and ELSS ( Chest Pack ) The AMU ... Just using styrene ... I did a little surgery on the Astro's hands ... ... building up the partial Agena ... This event did not happen, but I had a kit and some plastic and thought ... oh ... what the heck! ;^ D Pete

1/24 ATDA - "Angry Alligator"

5 days 12 hours ago
This is the Augmented Target Docking Adapter for the Gemini Program. It was built from scratch with homemade decals and is a companion to my 1/24 Gemini 9A on which they shared the mission. I used a short length of Plumbing pipe and bits of styrene. The Orange docking collar, which was under the shroud, is a funnel. The shroud was scratch built as well ... the Grey section to the far left is a spare part from a 1/24 Gemini kit which has the thrusters on it. I think Glenn at Real Space Models has a Resin kit of this ATDA but not in 1/24 ... ... and one more ... Thanx for taking a peek! Pete

1/48 Apollo 16 CSM

1 week ago
This is an eBay find and it was in pretty poor shape ... but it's just what I like! I took it apart and rebuilt it using a lot of scratch building ... I did the LM and the Rover ( a 3D print ) too, but I'll just show you the CSM. Lotsa seams, lotsa incorrect surface detail and loads of work to do, or should I say, Fun to have! Taking apart the Service Module and reworking it ... I trimmed the nose of the CM off and sanded and filed per usual. I had to move the windows and build a new hatch ... To include the SIM Bay (Scientific Instrument Module) I had to do a little modification! The different instruments were all built from scratch. this is a dry-fit. Another dry fit as I had to fill and sand some seams. Notice all the kit's surface details were sanded and filed off ... Starting to add some PE from New Ware The Command Module (CM) has some more PE attached and a new hatch too. The Docking probe was built too And how it looks just before priming and painting ... I love this stage! And Done That High Gain antenna had to be hand-built too as well as the SPS engine Bell and the Heat Shield and the Umbilical cover All in all another fun build! Thanx for popping in! Pete

Young Frankenstein's Monster

1 week 1 day ago
Looking for kits to start the year (besides the Skystreak) I found Mark Warthling's Pestilence Labs Monster from Young Frankenstein, and John Dennett's Tiny Tim. I guess I want to get a head start of next Christmas. But he's for a separate post. First thing to decide is what color was the Monster. Fortunately the movie being filmed B&W on purpose, and there were plenty of color images available. Where the box are shows a blue-green. He's definitely a blue. One dilemma I always have for myself is should I paint him up as if the character is real, or as an actor in makeup. I usually go for the former, but this time I went for the later. I got out my flesh triad and went to work. The blue went over the skin tones. I actually muffed up at this point putting too much blue on, and eliminating all the skin tone. I tried to save it my using my lightest skin ton as the highlight. Worked fairly well. Then it was time to paint up the clothes. His shirt was a black, and the jacket was a brown. The stone was was painted with 3 colors to add a little extra color to the model. The kit comes with a broken mug from his scene with the hermit. I was lucky enough to find this screen grab, as I thought I noticed a design on the mug while rewatching the movie. I tried my best to copy it. Almost done I tackled the fire, and is my typical fire recipe. Remember that fire has to be painted backwards from the usual Base color, shadow, highlight. The lightest (hottest) color appears closest to the source of fuel - his finger in this case. The last thing was his eyes. Looking up Peter Boyle's eyes, according to a few statistic websites, I was surprised to find out that his eye color is black! Having a pupil show up against that would be a problem. So I made the irises a dark gray. I also chose the eyes down as if he's pondering *whats happening to my thumb* look. A little gloss over the eyes, and I was done. Thanks for looking.

The Duke's First Model for 2022

1 week 2 days ago
It's a slow start, but I did get my first model done for 2022 fairly early. Even though the decals fought me, I'm pleased with how this turned out. This is the ancient 1/72 scale FROG kit of the Fokker VIIB-3M "Southern Cross" trimotor. This plane is one of many firsts. To start, in 1928 it was the first plane to fly across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Brisbane, Australia in 83 hours and 38 minutes. It was also the first plane to fly across Australia in 25 hours. She also made the first Australia to New Zealand flight in 23 hours. After that, she was renovated and then on April 12, 1929 she flew from Sydney Australia to England after 12 days and 18 hours, setting another record.After a complete rebuild, she took off from Portmarnock, Ireland to attempt the first East-West flight across the Atlantic. Due to a fuel shortage, she ended up landing in Newfoundland in June 24th. Once she got to the US. she left New York to fly to San Francisco again, becoming the first aircraft to circumnavigate the world. Today after much use as an airliner, barnstormer, and movie plane profiling the life of Kingsford-Smith; she is now kept in a glass case in Brisbane airport. Here it is: Thank you all for looking in, comments are welcome.

Maddog Manufacturing Now Open for 2022

1 week 2 days ago
I know it's been awhile since the new year began, but I gave my workers an extended holiday to work off or sleep off the effects of the holiday celebrations! Now they are back and rarin' to go so all aboard the trams for the first tour of Maddog Manufacturing. Our first stop will be in the hanger.... This first one is a model that had been so close to finishing but didn't quite make it for last year's count. Here is what has been done since. The engines and propellers were painted: After that I applied the ancient decals. You can see what issues they presented. This side chipped a bit while being adjusted: The other side went on better... at least in regards to entirety: After poking holes and many judicious applications of Solvaset; and later light applications of Tamiya Extra Thin; I got these looking fairly acceptable, at least for me considering the age of this kit. I later went back and painted white over the chipped areas to make the lettering complete again and painted blue over the areas that still looked too silvered: Once that was done, I added the wing to the fuselage: After that I installed the engines and the tail skid and let them dry: Now that the wheels have been added, this bird is done! Pics forthcoming.... Next I started on the Marine Corps Harrier AV-8B Plus by painting and decaling the cockpit: Later I closed it up. This bird needed a little convincing: It was convinced! The joint of that fuselage looks great. I then added the horizontal tail surfaces: Next I decided to save some time later by adding all the underwing pylons: This is just a test fit to see how well the wings fit: I love the fit; this is one well engineered model! Next I started with one of my Christmas presents, the Japanese U-125. I assembled and painted the cockpit and rear crew seats, painted the tires, and added the clear parts to the interior of the fuselage halves: Most of the smaller windows fell back inside the plane once I got it closed up, I'll have to use Testor's Window Maker to replace them once this bird is painted. Then I assembled the wing and engines: This was a dry-fit here to see what joint issues I was going to have. After all, this is a Sword kit: Later on I glued it into place, installed the main windscreen and added Tamiya putty to the seams where it needed it. Here you can see it after I started to sand it: That's gonna take a bit more work later but I'm pleased with the progress. Finally I got some progress done on a project that had been languishing for far too long. For some reason every time I tried to make progress, I only did a tiny bit of work; if anything, and back to the box it went. No longer! I pulled out this little Japanese Observation helicopter and started by painting the assembled cockpit: When it was dry, I added the instrument panel decals: While they dried, I painted the rotor blades and the tires, and assembled the underwing stores: Once that was dry, I built the main rotor: And finally I got this bird all closed up! To help it stand properly I assembled and installed the landing gear as well as built and installed the engines: And that concludes our tour of the hanger, next stop is the motor pool.... There's not much activity here so this portion of the tour will be fairly quick. To start with, some of my crew were bored so they did a quick build of this little Russian M-30 Howitzer: Yeah, that is done. Now time to paint it... Next I started the other Christmas present, the M-1134 Stryker. First was the hull which went fast since Dragon had already molded the suspension on the bottom: Then I built the Anti-tank Guided Weapon turret: This is where it is now, almost all assembled minus a few of the more breakable detail parts. This little thing is ready for paint already: Another one that I wanted to make progress on was my British FV-432 with the Rarden turret. First, I assembled the tracks, all but the bottom most run on the jig provided: While they were drying, I added the road wheels to the hull: Later on, I added the tracks; finishing off the bottom run, then added all the final detail parts that weren't breakable. Now this little vehicle is ready for paint: That concludes the motor pool portion of our tour, so on to the shipyards. This will be pretty short as well given that the Izumo already launched.. In the shipyards here the HMS Kelly is coming together nicely with all it's extremely rough detail... I added all the extra little parts like gun directors, anti-aircraft guns, some boats, and searchlights among others: Later on that slipped right into the assembled hull where I glues it into place. Yes, the torpedo tubes and main guns are moveable: This little thing is ready for paint now. After that, I got the Higgins boat all finished up. This one is ready for paint as well:

1/48 Apollo 15 LM and LRV

1 week 2 days ago
This is my very first model built a few years ago ... All the mods were made from scratch because I didn't know of any aftermarket items available. The Lunar Rover was completely built from scratch using a variety of materials. I had built the ALSEP door to open and close. The empty LRV bay ... The LRV was built from scratch too ... with homemade decals The parts ... One more view ... I've got a real affection for the Lunar Module and I've built them all, with Apollo 10's as a current build Thanx for popping in for a peek! Pete

1/48 LM Cutaway

1 week 2 days ago
This was done a few years ago and is one of my first models ... I've seen 3D prints offering this same sort of unique view. I used a lot of references for this kit and it's STILL one of my faves! This is Apollo 11 ( the cutaway ) and 12 together The Lunar Module has to be my favourite space vehicle. The design and engineering, the pure imagination and creativity used in building this is STILL remarkable after all these years! Pete

Apollo 12 and Surveyor

1 week 2 days ago
This is the Monogram 1/48 Lunar Module with my scratch built Surveyor ... in a diorama. I used the book Virtual LM and New Ware's update set to build out the LM ... The Surveyor with Pete Conrad ... This was the Diorama ... the base was 24" x 24" IIRC The Surveyor's parts ... ... and done. And a view from the back ... This was another fun model to build! Pete

1/24 Gemini 9A

1 week 3 days ago
This is the Revell Gemini kit from 1966 ... I built the ejection seats from scratch and added a whole lot of detail to this basic kit ... The AMU (Astronaut Maneuvering Unit) was scratch built and added to the aft equipment section ... The Captain Gene Cernan figure was heavily modified from the kit ... Starting the Ejection seats ... and the astronaut figure ... It amazes me the 'guts' these test pilots had ... doing these things in a new environment and learning something new all the way ... WOW! Pete
4 hours 52 minutes ago
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