Shelf of Doom 1/48 Zero. WIP

2 days 4 hours ago
This is my latest effort at reducing the queue on my “Shelf of Doom”. It’s the old early 80’s 1/48 Hasegawa A6M5 Zero. Anyways, I started this one, barely, several years back, then sidelined it for some unknown reason. In the summer I pulled it out and resumed work, primarily in the cockpit. Anyways, seeing how this is a simple kit and that the end of the year is approaching, I decided that I wanted to try and get it finished by the end of the year, so after all the hustle and bustle of the Thanksgiving weekend was over, I got back to work on it. Yesterday I finished up the cockpit Then I assembled it into the fuselage Today so far I did seam clean up on the fuselage, then added the wings Then I added the horizontal stabilizers and test fitted the engine and cowling So far, so good… I love these old kits that take shape practically overnight.


2 days 9 hours ago
Just got done with the Life Miniatures bust of Winston. The kit comes with two heads a helmet, a hat and the cigar. I can't do the pinstripe, so I went with the dark blue suit. I did very little shading because the bust is quite well sculpted and doesn't need it. Too often these days people are over shading to the point it makes the figure look like a caricature. The glass of whiskey came from doll house supplies. Unfortunately, I could not find one without ice. No proper scotch whiskey drinker uses ice!!! It will be replaced when a suitable glass is found. Dak

1/48 Korean War Skyraider

2 days 19 hours ago
Snuck a build in for myself while working on the 1/32 HK B-17E (see "builds" forum for that one). This is the Monogram 1/48 Skyraider built as an AD-4 in Korea. Folded the wings, otherwise OOTB. Payload and markings done to make the one on the cover of the "In Action" Skyraider book. Oh....and the one wing fold connector rod I forgot to paint is done now! Nothing to write home about, but a fun little diversion! GIL

My completed pair of 1963 Indy Novi Roadsters in 1/43 scale (A.K.A Braille Scale)

3 days 5 hours ago
I have not posted anything in awhile so I thought I would post some pictures my recently completed pair of 1963 Indy Novi Roadsters in 1/43 scale. These are white metal 1/43 scale kits from SMTS that took a little more than a month to build. I added some detail here and there to each model. They were a lot of fun to build and I was really happy with the end result.

PBY-5 Found! Post Office Made It An Experience....Not!!!

1 week 1 day ago
Thanks to Gil, I have received the Academy 1/72nd PBY-5 that I had an urgent need for. But we had a heckuva time getting it from Florida to Texas. Everything went smoothly until I checked the tracking info yesterday to see if the package was getting close. Incidentally, this was shortly after I shipped a kit and a couple of my CDs to Gil in trade. That's when the fun began. Rather than maintain the suspense any longer, the following is a blow by blow account then ensued, starting about 9:00 a.m. today (Nov 23). "Finally got the PBY in, but getting it the last few miles to me was an experience. First: Called the76177 station which is some twenty miles from me. Learned it wasn't there but had been sent to the 76111 station, which is some twenty miles in a different direction from 76177 and about ten miles or so from me. . Second: Called the 76111 station. Package was there. They agreed to hold it for pickup. Wife had a doctor's appointment, so arived at the 76111 station afterwards. They searched the station, both physically and on the computer. Couldn't find it. I left emptyhanded but they had my phone number. Third: Went to McDonald's, then home, which was about four miles. Halfway home, cell phone rang while driving. They hung up before I could pull over and answer. Called their number...three times in a row. No answer. In fact their phone hung up after a number of rings...many rings. Fourth: Had to decide whether to go home and eventually get them to answer since I didn't know if they were going to tell me package was still lost, returned to you, redirected to the 76117 station or had it and I could pick it up. Decisions, decisions. Fifth: Decided to bite the bullet, turned around and returned to the 76111 station. Sixth: Walked in to the station and they knew why I was there. Not only were they delighted, they actually had the box in their hand and very anxious to give it to me. Heck, they almost forgot to scan the postal code to show it had been delivered! Seventh: Got the box home, looked on the label and discovered that you didn't make a mistake. Your address label shows the zip to be 76117. In spite of that, It still ended up at 76177, Why apparently no one...machine or human...could read a simple five digit zip code? Darned if I know, but a comment from my wife may hold more truth than anyone suspects: "It (the box) wanted to see the world before it was delivered". Gil's response to the Catalina Saga? "wasn't it Shakespeare who said "all's well that ends well"?"

Canopy paint masks

1 week 1 day ago
I am finishing up my 1/32 scale F-4E and its the first model by Tamiya that I have built that did not come with specific paint masks for the canopy. The two rear sections are fairly straight forward given the even edges but I am still having trouble figuring out how to get precise shapes given the curve of the glass. The front section has a curved frame. Do any of you guys have a method for creating “complex” shaped (or even simple shaped) masks using the canopies provided in the kit? Stuart

Brushes and applicators, What is your preferred brand

1 week 2 days ago
Having just returned this year to model building and figure painting I had roughly 20 brushes that while not in terrible condition were going to be replaced. These brushes were made in the USA and have held up fairly well over the past 30+ years even though they are Sable, camel and red sable hair brushes. So I decided to try various new brushes to have on hand both Synthetic and hair brushes. I have to say I was deeply disappointed with ones being made in China, The hair brushes would splay, and shed. They are poorly made and the synthetic ones also made in China were on the "meh" scale such as flat brushes that were not exactly flat more of filbert shape even though they are listed as flat and pointed brushes having strands that were curled and slightly longer than the tip. The latter ones were not noticeable till I used them. Needless to say I will end up trashing them or abuse them as dry brushes. These new brushes didn't even compare to my older brushes. I did also get new brushes from AmmoMIG and a Marta Kolinsky. The Ammo ones I like and I'll be using the new 5/0 Marta this weekend. I am interested in hearing what brushes Brand wise other modelers are using. Synthetic or Hair? Also using applicators I have used toothpicks for applying glues in tight spots but sometimes it's a a pain and I wonder if some the applicators I see online in the hobby stores are worth using or is their another trick/technique I might be missing

Burglers And Vandals...Hate'em Both! Especially When I'm Their Target!

1 week 2 days ago
Back in 2018 I was in the hospital for eight days. Four months later, my shop was burglarized to the tune of some $5,000...mostly computers and tools. Got nothing back except for one computer monitor. Then things rocked on and calmed down. Since then, due to medical problems, I haven't spent much time at my shop, but I had no other problems, at least from the burglary standpoint. Until the last couple or three months. Since then, my shop has been broken into multiple times with the damage getting worse each time. Being broken into is one thing, but they are specifically targeting model kits, modelbuilding equipment and supplies, etc. Worse, they are cherrypicking, taking mostly the good stuff. Today was the worst. Two or three days after the last forced entry, they got in again...and this time they vandalized the place. What they didn't take they tried to destroy. At least ninety percent of all the kits that were still in the shop were opened and strewn around, walked on, drawers pulled out and the whole place made a wreck. I doubt that I will be able to salvage anything more than a small part of what's been taken or ruined. I could go on, but I think I've dumped enough. Sorry for the long rant but I hadda find someplace to vent.

EmpireOfGhosts' Treadhead Thread (11/21 LL Churchill)

1 week 3 days ago
Hello all. I just found out about these forums and decided to start a megathread of my work, starting with my recently completed Warlord Games 1/56 scale Churchill tank This build is basically out of box, with the exception of the turret - I added a weld bead around the bottom edge, as well as cast texture using Tamiya putty. Deciding that I wanted to do a Lend-Lease Soviet version, I also removed the front track guards, but was unable to remove the rear guards (the Soviets did this to prevent thick mud from building up inside the upper track runs). Like most of my Soviet tanks, I wanted to do a whitewash version but decided against using oils, instead opting for a grey primer with Tamiya flat white overspray. Unfortunately, pure white vehicles like this are difficult to photograph, so you don't see the subtle variations in tone. I then did detail painting in Vallejo acrylics and added custom "over/under" turret numbering and insignia. I then applied an overall filter of white oil paint and did pin wash and dry-blended weathering using oils. As I wanted a heavy emphasis on muddy conditions, I did a second pin wash and heavy streaking on the lower portion of the hull, then added splatter effects with acrylics and heavy mud with Vallejo environmental effects. Oil and gas spills on the engine deck, as well as muffler rust, was done using AK enamel washes. Unfortunately, I'm not a great photographer so a lot of this looks rather washed out in the pics below. More pics at my Scalemates account:

Completed 1/25 scale P-2 crash fire truck

2 weeks ago
Attached are photographs of my 1 1/2 year scratch build 1/25 scale P-2 crash fire truck. Length is approximately 16 inches. Wheels and tires are custom bought from American Industrial Truck Models out of New Jersey, seats are from an American LaFrance ladder truck, engines were bought on E Bay and are modified to look like the earlier gasoline engines, and a couple of transmission parts from a Russian truck. The rest is sheet styrene and tubing. Since this is a military vehicle, and I've never seen one in civilian markings, I posted this under the Armor Forum.

IPMS/USA Officer Contacts

2 weeks 1 day ago
I realize we just elected new officers, but if I recall correctly, this website used to have a list of national officers with email contacts for them. I cannot find that page. I would like to see something more than the web-based contact form as a means to contact officers, or even see a list of their names.

Completed 1/25 scale P-2 crash truck

2 weeks 1 day ago
I'm not sure if this should be "filed" under Cars, Trucks, & Motorcycles, or under the Armor category since it is a military vehicle, but here are some photographs of my scratch built 1/25 scale P-2 crash fire truck. Wheels were provided by special order from American Industrial Truck Models in New Jersey, engines were provided by E-Bay (by luck and some modifications), AMT American LaFrance seats, and some parts from a Russian truck. The rest is all styrene, brass, etc. , etc.


2 weeks 2 days ago
Dear Community, My pleasure to join. I have strong experience of statistical/mathematical simulation for real systems: telecom users capacities, queuing, industrial automation systems and strong background for flight systems for aircraft and aerospace. I will be happy to continue my experience with gaining new mates. I am looking forward to being a valuable contributor here. Lariliss

Returning to model building and figurine painting after 30 yrs

2 weeks 3 days ago
Greetings all from the western slopes of CO. 30 years ago I stopped building models when I was just starting to get pretty good at it after doing it since I was 5 or 6. I won't get into the long tale as many of us have lived it (1st wife thought it was childish) 30 years later and a new and improved wife We discovered a box in storage I have been hauling around for 30 years with models and figurines. Imagine my surprise that the kits still unbuilt survived the many moves but some of the kits I had in the process of being built bought the farm. Now they're spare parts. Oh and my paints did not make it either My wife thought that I should take it back up again. So I started doing some research, subscribed to FSM again (very sad 6 months instead of 12 now), started buying new paints, tools, an airbrush ( an H&S gravity feed to accompany my old badger siphon) and a compressor!! I was amazed at all the changes that have happened since 1990. All the after market kits and tools that have improved (compressor?? last time I as using compressed air cans and I am pretty sure they were not environmentally friendly) not to mention that Floquil is not around and paints like Vallejo, Ammo-MIG etc. have taken up the mantle of making quality paints. I decided to see if there were any forums. I remember always seeing IMPS in my old Fine Scale and Military model mags and found this site. I haven't officially joined yet, but it is my game plan along with learning how to build and paint kits again. So thats my short version. We all have very long versions 🙂 Anyway my question to members is "Does a member of IMPS have to enter contest or can they just enjoy the comradery of other fellow modelers, get some tips to improve while contributing to a great hobby? Stay safe and keep building

Veterans Day

2 weeks 6 days ago
On this Veteran's Day, thanks to all who served in the Armed Forces, whatever the service, in whatever capacity, whether in peace or war. You are not forgotten.

JPG Galaxy Quest Shuttle

2 weeks 6 days ago
JPG's model is 1:72 scale and comes in 16 well casted white resin parts. The only real hiccup I had was the landing gear. They are at an angle, but to my eyes the angle was so slight I couldn't really make it out. trying to fix one, I snapped it, but thankfully my little collection of styrene rod had the correct size. Giving the build a break, I wanted to make a little vignette representing the alien planet or Goblin Valley UT. I had generic "science" looking figures. But when it came time to find them, they were no where to be seen. 😞 So my vignette will just be the ship. The base was some carved foam, the base was a Michaels 6" round plaque with some torn cork sheet on it, and then some Vallejo Ground paste (or whatever it's called). 😉 Next up was painting the windows. I saw a tutorial about painting windows once and it involved creating a gradient where the darkest color was up top and it got lighter toward the bottom I airbrushed some MIG NASA blue after a bit of masking, and then added a few drops of the darkest blue I had to the cup, and just shot the upper left corner. It worked out pretty well. Then came the decals. They looked pretty poor as they weren't solid. But once down on the craft, they looked fine. And just like that I was finished. Thanks for looking.

12lb ACW cannon

3 weeks ago
This is my latest project, it's 1/24th scale 12 pounder from the civil war. I used a scaled down copy of an old Encore parts list . It is made from hobby sticks and copper wire. Needs a few more details added water bucket, chain, rope. They are made just not in the photos. I plan to use it in a Dio with the crew putting the gun into battery. After painting I'll start on the figures.

Wanted: Academy 1/72 PBY-5 Kit For Commission Build

3 weeks 5 days ago
I am in urgent need of an Academy 1/72 PBY-5...kit # 2126...for a commission build. Note: this is not the amphibious version. Kit the client sent has a warped wing that cannot be corrected...suspect it was actually molded that way since the kit goes back to 1971. If you can spare one, let me know by either a reply on this forum or direct to my email at Any assistance y'all can provide will be greatly appreciated.
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