Review Author
Jeffrey Brown
Published on
August 20, 2011
Revell, Inc.

As an armor builder I wanted to review this kit partly as a challenge to see how well I could build a car. Mainly I wanted to review this kit because I love Ferrari’s. The kit is molded mostly in white, with a sprue of chrome parts and some rubber tires. The decals are nicely done, but a few items required an aftermarket set to enhance the model. At first glance the kit looks very nice except for a few minor details that are an easy fix.

The Ferrari 458 comes in several colors, and I found pictures on the internet of one I liked that is white with black rims and an all black interior.

You begin by building the engine, which is cool, except for the fact that the majority of this work is hidden by the engine bay and cover. I painted the engine even though on my curbside edition you really won’t see much detail once the body is on.

Book Author(s)
Robert Humphreys
Review Author
Jim Pearsall
Published on
August 18, 2011
SAM Publications

This book answered a question that has nagged me for many years, since Frog first came out with their Spitfire 14 kit back in 1968. Why would Supermarine want to go away from the fabulous Merlin engine and try something new? Well, this book answered that question early on. The answer is 1700 hp for the Griffon vs 1030 hp for the Merlin.

The contents are:

  1. Enter the Griffon
  2. Super Spitfire
  3. The Spitfire in Belgium
  4. High Flying Spy
  5. Last of the Spitfires
  6. The First Griffon Seafires
  7. The F Mk 21 at Sea
  8. Spiteful and Seafang, the Last of the Line Modeling
    • Colour Side Views
    • Colour Interior Artwork
  9. The Basics
  10. Understanding the Subject
  11. Detailing
  12. Building the Spitfire and Seafire
  13. Camouflage and Markings


Review Author
Jim Pearsall
Published on
November 8, 2021
Twobobs Aviation Graphics
Grade A Large

This is the third Hasegawa Egg Plane I’ve built, and Twobobs is certainly right in their decal description. Everyone probably has one of these in their stash, and finally someone has come out with interesting aftermarket markings for the Lawn Dart. They also describe the kit as whimsical (yep) and one to be built just for the fun of it, as no one has a good photo of the original aircraft.

I built the Hasegawa F-16 Egg plane for a review.

I built the RNethAF F-16 for that review because I worked with them in Italy. So the markings I chose for this review were one of Aviano’s Falcons. This was probably not the most interesting choice, as there are so many good sets of markings on the sheet. The instruction sheet is 4 pages long, so here are half of them.